Saturday, 24 December 2011


May you all have a blessed Christmas

and a wonderful holiday season!


Thursday, 1 December 2011


is it really december today?
i guess it is.
i bought my son this advent calendar
and left  a little note in the number 1 box, with directions for him to find this gorgeous book! ( i've just got it from the post office and i'm already in love with it! i wish I had ordered one for me, too!)

my son and i are secretly planning to decorate daddy's office when he's not there
-the tree ornaments are patiently waiting in their hiding place and we'll buy a tree one of these days.

and i'm - not at all patiently - trying to get over a nasty cold which has left me 'voiceless' for a week now.

hope you all have a warm, blessed december!

{ for a good dosage of graditude, you can revisit last year's advent calendar;
if only i had time to do it again this year! }

take care!