Thursday, 4 June 2015

June 4th


                                                          Is it really the 4th of June?

Where has the last month gone? One day I'm thinking -moaning and groaning -  it's still two months before the end of the school year and all this commuting, and today I realise it's less than two weeks!!!  Yay! Sometimes I hate it that time flies, say, when I'm thinking my son is 10 (10!!!) already, and sometimes I love it, like now.

 We're home today - my son woke up with a temperature and I  took today and tomorrow off to look after him. It's a slow day; he's doing ok. I'm doing ok. An unexpected gift of extra time - though I wanted to save the days off for the winter. Never mind. Today is here now.

Chicken soup is on the menu. Light and nutritious, for sick boys and trying-to-look-after-themselves mums.  I got distracted for a while. Remember my clean(s)ing plan? Slowly getting back on track.

Hubby is abroad for work this week. It's not the time to decline job offers. One of them is a six-month project abroad, starting in July. It's going to be hard on my little guy - and his dad, too. Me too, of course.

Summer holidays start soon. There's lots of driving planned - to my village, to the sea- and some flying probably.  I love travelling by plane and I love staying at hotels. But most of all, I love visiting new places.  There'll also be lots of rest and relaxation at my dad's yard, among the flowers I've planted in spring. They're doing great he's telling me.

Have a great summer!