Tuesday, 27 April 2010

seven books and a painting

On Saturday and Sunday,
little one and I went to this fair.
We spent all of our time at the 'children's corner'.
There were lots of events for book lovers,
mostly book presentations, some of which included
introducing children to famous Greek painters, drawing, dancing, singing,
a bit of acting...
We had a great time and got back home with...
seven (!!!!) children's books and a painting little one made.
These are some of the illustrations...

...and my angel's art.
In case there is no other post this week,
here are a couple of photos of my latest blooms
to welcome May with.


Thanks for all the beautiful words you've left me.

edited to add: a wonderful woman needs our help. Please read.

Take care!


Thursday, 22 April 2010


Not in the mood for words lately~
life feels a bit like the first image at times-
like a blur with the odd sparkle.
Take care!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Four Seasons!

If you like books, cats and/ or classical music
this is a post for you.
Last night I read my favourite children's book to my son.
There's this series of books with stories inspired by classical music.

We've got 'Swan Lake', 'The Nutcracker' and
'The Four Seasons' and there's a CD with each book.

The story in 'The Four Seasons' book was written by Marco Simsa
and there's a CD with Vivaldi's masterpiece.
I tried to find an English edition on the internet for you, but failed.

In this story, we meet Minca, a little cat, and read about her life in her village through the changes of the four seasons with an emphasis on the sounds she hears.
Son and I both love it! We've been reading it since he was two, and now he can continue telling the story (the exact words) if I stop reading.

The illustrations are fabulous, don't you think?

The ones I chose to show you are -of course- from spring.

And now I'll let you enjoy the music.

Do you feel all refreshed and happy?
Good! Because I have a winner to my giveaway to announce:
Jane, you'll be receiving a parcel full of flowers from me soon!

Friday, 9 April 2010


Hello and welcome to my 100th post!
Wow! 100!
All these words, photos, comments!
I can't believe how easy it has become to share parts of your life with so many people,
and at the same time learn about their lives as well!
Blogging has made me appreciate the little things more,
helped me learn to notice the details,
find beauty even in the darkest days.

It has travelled me to places I can't visit -at least not for now,
and revealed to me how people -women- all over the world live and think.

It has even led me to the discovery of some aspects of myself that had remained dormant before;

creative ones, that is: photography (if only I had a better camera!), crafts, crochet...

I would never have thought of taking a photo of my newly- bought pjs before, for example,

but about an hour ago I had so much fun arranging some treats I bought for myself today for a 'photo-shoot'!

Blogging has its drawbacks of course, too!

If you could see behind where I'm sitting right now, you'd see tons of ironing to be done.
Ah, well! I won't spoil the fun by talking about housework.

Now, for the swap. As I don't see many ladies interested in this,
I'm changing it into a giveaway, which was my original idea
(just thought the swap would be more fun).

Soooooo, if you want to receive a parcel from me,
with some stationery
and a surprise flowery gift,
leave a note here;
and could you please make my day by telling me what you like about my blog?
My little one will draw a name next Wednesday.

Thank you all so much for reading
and being here not only when there are flowers around
but most importantly when there are tears.


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Flower Swap

Interested in a spring swap?
The theme is 'flowers' and the possibilities are endless:
stationery, crafts, bulbs, crochet flowers, books, prints, fabric, drawings, ...
Tell me what you think and I'll organise it for my 100th post.
Take Care!
PS. Any ideas are more than welcome!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: April Tulips

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I've been lazing around today, not in the mood to do much around the house.

The past two weeks have been hard, both physically and emotionally, although I haven't been to work for two weeks; little one had his tonsils removed- thank God, it all went fine,only the practical issues afterwards were tough- and I miss my mum so very much. I have a few more days before I go back to school on Monday and with little one at school since yesterday, I had planned to do some housework. It's not happening though; I get tired ridiculously easily. My body is screaming for some rest - I thought I've had enough already; my mind is drawing me to my books, crochet and here, reading blogs, 'wandering around' the British countryside. My soul is with my aunt who's struggling to recover from a major surgery - I hate you cancer!

I get out on the balcony, first thing every morning, to see if there are new blooms; they bring joy, help me smile.