Friday, 29 October 2010

my favourite day of the week

~ friday
~i love fridays
~ there's a whole weekend ahead
~ i'm rarely stressed on a friday
yesterday was a national holiday;
we celebrated our 1940 resistance against the italians-
unfortunately, it was raining so the parade was cancelled;
we didn't get the chance to see our baby parade in his traditional costume, holding a greek flag;
but there was a celebration at his school on wednesday with poems recited by the children and songs that the soldiers used to sing -
my headmaster agreed to let me go see my son instead of going to my school's celebration, so i was with him~ a proud mommy, indeed!

hubby came on wednesday evening and he'll be staying till sunday afternoon
( i much rather say 'he'll be staying' than 'he'll be leaving');
he's at the nearby village now, helping a friend with some construction work he's doing -
little one is still at school, so this is my quiet time;
Joni Mitchell keeps me good company~
no plans for the weekend;
i think we're having a slow one.
what about you?
have fun whatever you do!
i won't spend much time online- i've got lots of books to read (thank you nice people who send books!) and a crochet blanket to work on (it's very cold here) so talk to you all next week
take care!

Monday, 25 October 2010

a new week

our weekend was mostly quiet,
especially sunday...
a walk by the river, baking cheese bread, napping ...
a most welcome change after a very challenging week;
little one has been misbehaving both at school and at home ~
working slowly through this; trying to be patient...
thursday is a national holiday~
there'll be a school parade with traditional costumes;
daddy will be here to see our boy wearing the exact same costume he wore almost 35 years ago!
hope you all have a lovely week!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

from the weekend

the village is full of this yellow bliss

riding across the river - well, just a little bit (photo taken by hubby with his cell phone - I've got them all working for me!)

lunch here on a wet, misty Saturday afternoon
(I took the photos with my cell; excuse the poor quality)

comfort food (recipe here)

cosying up the house - new rug for the kitchen

the new week greeted me with two parcels full of birthday wishes and... BOOKS!!!!! Thank you Feline and Sarah!
(more on this next time)
Have a lovely rest of the week!

Friday, 15 October 2010


Yes! I was born all these years ago!

I asked my dad last night : " how can I be 41? Have I really lived for so many years? It doesn't feel like that!"
He replied: "How can I be 73?"
edit to add: just talked to hubby on the phone; he's coming tonight to spend the weekend with us! Hooray!
Thanks for all the warm wishes!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

it's the same sky, yet......

have you ever felt like looking at the sky, just in case your loved one is looking at the sky, too, miles and miles away?
it's raining tonight; the heating is on but it's still cold inside ... no, not in the flat... deep inside
(first three pictures: at my new neighbourhood,
fourth: at my village,
last one : at home)


Thursday, 7 October 2010

it's cold

(art via here)

That's exactly how it feels here these days.

I don't ever remember switching the heat on this early in the season!

Good thing we're going home tomorrow to get some warm clothes!

Happy Weekend everyone!


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Island

Have you read Victoria Hislop's The Island?
I've read it and was impressed by the power and determination of wounded souls.
So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I heard that a Greek channel has turned it into a TV series with the author's contribution.
Below is the trailer of the series (in Greek but still really worth watching)
and a short interview with Victoria Hislop.

There's also this great video, which I couldn't embed, with English subtitles wherever necessary.

I can't wait for Monday evening to come!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I start work at ten while my son has to be at school by eight thirty and for the first time this year I don't have to drive for more than five minutes to get to work.
This leaves me with plenty of time to enjoy my morning coffee.
I sometimes prepare something for work but most days I save this time for me;
reading, blogging and lately crocheting - I really need to finish this blanket soon; it's getting cold here. Yesterday's gratitude list included central heating!
Right now, while typing this and sipping my coffee, I'm listening to Joni Mitchell's Blue. (thank you Jessica for mentioning her on your blog).
The CD found its way to me through mail and I got it yesterday together with some gorgeous cards I purchased on etsy. I'll try to take pictures when there's some decent light around here.
The roses in my small jar are courtesy of our garden. The rose bushes belong to our landlords, who live in Germany and come to Greece only in the summer- I don't think they would mind my cutting them; and, oh. my! They smell divine!
I need to get ready for work in a while. I'm wearing boots today!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, 2 October 2010


(images from last October)
hello and welcome, dear October!
I've been waiting for you.
you'll bring me happiness, won't you?
~ you'll take me home next weekend - come friday, don't be late!
~ you'll paint my life with your warm colours - so many trees around me; can't wait to see their new clothes.
~ you'll send me birthday wishes from near and from far away - I know you will!
~you'll make me cry ( I know) with the news of the birth of a baby boy
~ you'll bring my dad to stay for a few weeks - I love watching soap operas with him ( I never do it when he's not around) and listening to stories of times gone by.
~ you'll make me wear warm clothes and boots - I love warm clothes and boots
~ you'll introduce me to musicians and authors unknown so far to me (via snail mail - love it!)
I'm ready for you October!
Happy October everyone!