Thursday, 9 February 2012

big sigh of relief...

thank you all so much for praying along with me.
it means the world to me.

my son is fine now.
he's been operated on to remove a lump on his upper thigh.
we got the biopsy results last night and it's nothing to worry about.
the waiting was killing me!

he was so brave, through all the tests and the surgery!
he's at home now, recovering, enjoying his new toys!

thanks so much for being here!

(ps. what's wrong with blogger? I've written a long post explaining things and sharing feelings and it's all gone! no time to write it all again!)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

when you try to pretend you're brave...

...when deep inside you're scared

... and you take all the pressure out
on the one person you shouldn't

... then you know it's high time you cried
and asked for some positive vibes sent your way.

please, hold my son in your thoughts and prayers...