Friday, 29 August 2014

lunch for one

some good news at the job front;
still waiting, though...

i was home alone a couple of days ago;
i often cook eggs for lunch when i'm alone.
call me weird, but i do like to eat alone in front of the tv sometimes.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014


job-related news to be announced any minute now;
fingers crossed.
i'll go make something to eat 
to keep me distracted (plus i'm hungry!)

ps. this looks more like a tweet than a blog post 
but not many of my friends have twitter accounts.


Thursday, 24 July 2014


We have this saying in Greece;
something along these lines:
'when people make plans,
God laughs'

This was supposed to be an easy-going summer for us;
our finances have improved and we were even planning on going on holiday.
We had a long stressful winter - in so many ways that I wouldn't want to get into right now but I will at some point - and the summer would be our chance for a long, deep breath.
It would be... my father-in-law passed away a month ago, after being sick for a couple of months. We tell ourselves that he was lucky to go away so soon. There was no chance of him fighting it and things would only get much worse. 

I started this sentence three times, wanting to describe how I feel and why I feel like this, but... some other time maybe. 

He was a good man.

We spend our days at our villages, taking care of things. I'm at home now for a few days. Looking after myself mostly. I've been ill, too. Nothing serious but there's no time for me when I'm away so I came here with my husband and son. Hubby just left again. I'm planning on resting a lot and playing with my boy, too. We're leaving again tomorrow evening.

I'll be back here on the blog when I'm back here at home.

Take Care!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Just wanted to see who's here.

I've been pondering over returning here.
Too much going on right now.
I need some space to unwind.
 Let some pressure out.

We'll see.