Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Prince's Rainforest Project

Hi there!
I just wanted to draw your attention to this effort.
Hope you're all well.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Images from a visit to my village

Have a lovely week!
Take Care!

Thank You!

Hi to you all!
I came back from work a little while ago, had lunch, talked with little one a bit before his rest time and made myself a big cup of coffee. So here I am, having my rest time with you my friends.
Ever since I discovered blogland and got to meet you, I'm more relaxed, I appreciate every little bit that brings me happiness and feel grateful for all the good things in my life, including you.
I feel over the moon with every single comment and some of you have touched my heart.
To you my new friends:

Thursday, 24 September 2009

When Time Passes By!

Hello blogpals! How are you doing? I haven't been able to decide what to blog about - so many things, so little time - that's why I decided to show you a bit of this and a bit of that.

The picture above shows my son's buddies. We played 'school' with them one afternoon. Well, like mother, like son. I do hope he chooses something else though -it's soooo exhausting. (tough day yesterday; I'll spare you the details as this is my place to focus on the bright side of life - see banner)

Well, "don't you just love New York in the fall? Makes me wanna buy school supplies". I know what you're thinking: "has she gone nuts? N.Y. isn't in Greece". No, I haven't gone nuts, not yet anyway!!! :)
That's a quote from my favourite film.

Haven't you guessed yet?



Who said it? You, sitting in front of your laptop?
You're right. "You've Got Mail"!!!
Sorry if I tired you with that but I can't help it; it makes me happy.

So on that note, I stayed up late Monday evening, night rather to sort out my material - I should have done it during the summer break but I couldn't (some of you know why).
I beautified my folders...

... and added smiley stickers on them.

One more thing I like doing when the weather becomes cooler and we don't go out as much is to leaf through my museum books. I have a whole shelf of them. The painting below is...

... from the Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. I'm not satisfied with my pictures these days. If I manage to take some decent ones I'm thinking of making a museum series with, say, one museum a week, with links to their websites and everything. What do you say?

* -* - * - * -

Little one wanted to play with his 'professions' puzzle. He's had it for two years and never gets bored with it. I don't mind doing it again and again as we talk about more things every time and
he enriches his vocabulary (teacher talk, sorry!)

These are my two favourite pieces:
the watering can

and the mail ( I loooove getting mail - but you already know that!)

Finally, I proudly present you little one's latest crafts from pre-school.
He didn't use to draw specific images, just fill the paper with colour in a second and leave -sometimes with amazing results if I may add. But now he's making faces. The line for the mouth is supposed to be straight; this is not a sad deer!!! The colourful stripes have the days of the week written on them.

I still haven't bought wooden pegs for his display as you can see. I'm looking for the little cute ones.

Although it's still Thursday I'll wish you a Happy Weekend as I know I won't have time to post anything else. I'll see most of you at your lovely blogs though!
Take Care!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Smell the Roses!

I hadn't bought flowers for home for ages!!! So on Sunday, I decided to make myself a gift and got these beautiful roses.
They brightened the place up in a second and I have a big grin on my face whenever I see them.
I thought it'd be nice to share them with you. Click on the pictures for a closer view.
Have you seen the film 'You've got mail'? Towards the end of the film Tom Hanks brings Meg Ryan a bouquet of daisies -her favourite flower "Don't you think that daisies are the friendliest flower?", she asks and carries the vase with her everywhere she goes.
Well, that's what I've been doing. I've been carrying the vase with me, making sure it's always within vision.

I'll let you indulge in their beauty.


Take care!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Snapshots from an Ordinary Saturday

Sunday morning. We just had breakfast; toasted bread, butter and homemade plum marmalade or honey, yellow cheese, juice, coffee (if you eat four slices, every combination is possble). Hubby prepared breakfast and I'll do the dishes later. For now, I've let the boys play with little one's Legos -no, I hear a Christmas (!!!) book being read and came to the study to finish my coffee.

So, yesterday was a Saturday pretty much like many others. Just one small difference: I decided to take it all in; to make it memorable. I can't wait for special days to come to my life. I'm making each day special.

Come along. I'll give you a tour of "Saturday at Yiota's".

I started the day by airing the bed linen, even before my morning coffee. It was a crisp morning with some rain later on. I'll spare you the boring details of cleaning-you all know how that is done, anyway :) Let me just tell you that I had regular blogging breaks, visiting 'friends'.

This is little one's bed, fresh linen and all. I had hardly taken my pictures before he jumped up and enjoyed making a mess with it. Never mind, as long as he's having fun...

This is my bed with a knitted white blanket hubby's grandma made (click to enlarge) which I had forgotten that existed (the blanket, not the granny!) It stayed like that all day long, which is a miracle considering my son likes playing hide and seek in our bed!

"Why is Bunny-bunny" hanging from the handle on the bathroom door, dear?"
" I spilled some water on it and put it there to dry". Oh, well...

Little one's favourite pastime: looking at the crafts he made at his first pre-school; he's holding a card for Animal Rights Day.

"Mum, let's play with Thomas". Ok, you're entitled to some time with mommy. Toot-toot.

Time to make some lunch.
What do you make with...
a bowl..

... eggs and seasoning...

... veggies and tomato sauce...

... boiled pasta...

...and a baking pan?

An oven 'frittata'!
I got the idea from here.

Some zucchini fries and a beetroot salad (forgot to take a picture) and an unexpected early return home by our daddy made it a great lunch.

Just before the supermarket closed I decided I wanted a few things.
Came back with goodies for little one...

... and the ingredients for a lemon cake.
Turned out the dosage was for a tiny baking tin, which I didn't have.
Flat though it was, the cake was delicious. We ate almost half of it as soon as it got out of the oven. I'll definitely do it again but double the dosage!

By that time little one was fast asleep, just in time for a movie evening. Dirty Dancing was on as a tribute to Patrick Swayze (I'm quickly skipping this part as I'm still too sensitive on cancer issues) so I had a shower, put on my lovely pjs and joined hubby on the couch. I hadn't seen the film in years; it was wonderful!

See? I told you it was nothing special but it was so very special to me.
Take Care!
Have a lovely week!