Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Blog Assignment #1

Dear Friends,
whenever you see this picture on a post, it means this post is for my online course with Travelin'Oma. Feel free to follow my attempt to learn in a fun way and make comments if you wish. If not interested, visit my blog at a later time for my usual musings on everyday life.
So here it is. Monday's class is 'Creative Writing'. I'm not much of a writer, apart from rare cases when I get inspiration waves, so I don't think I'll have full attendance on this day of the week. However, this first day of classes we were given a list of interesting ideas and, although the inspiration waves I've been telling you haven't been around these days, I thought I'd give it a try with one of them.
Writing Projects I'd Like to Do Some Day
- I often get inspired by the children's books my son and I love to read and have sometimes thought of writing some children's stories. Something with knights or pirates or even fairies (that live in the forest near a castle with knights, that is!)
- Because I've changed places many times in my life, different villages, towns, cities, I'd like to write a journal of some kind. The letters I got from all the penpals I had through the years could help me remember some of the facts and the pictures I took would be a guide to the memories.
- Finally, I need to start keeping notes of all the inspired questions, comments, explanations my son asks, makes, gives and of my own thoughts and feelings at the moment. This would be an excellent, if I may say so myself, gift for him on his 18th birthday.


Scattering Lupines said...

Very neat! You should DEFINITELY keep that journal. Even if you only wrote in it once a month, that would still be a lot of musings for him by his 18th bday!

Anonymous said...

i've been keeping a journal for each of my children, starting from the time i was pregnant with them. for each one, the first year i wrote quite a lot, but since then, i make a note of significant events, funny incidents, etc.

Mug said...

Yes, the journal....AND the story about kings & queens & knights & dragons?...Oh, yes, and the fairies that live in the forest nearby:)

You should also keep a journal of quirky and interesting things your son says. I really wish I had done that with my children because you forget things as you get older....We still talk about how my son used to call water "lorley...or was that a horse? ....Mayby water was lala...see what i mean? And my daughter used to gather up all of the tulip paint bottles and spools of thread and create villages of people that interacted with each other...the different colors had something to do with the work they did or the type of person each was. She would also spread out all of the towels from the dirty clothes hamper and put a stuffed animal or doll on each one....They were ALL taking naps:)

Yes, WRITE things down!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Do it! :) My girls & I have a back & forth journal. My older one uses hers more. We write back & forth to each other. She'll often leave it on my desk & I'll write back & leave it on her bed or dresser ... somewhere where she is sure to find it :)

Yiota said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies!
I love your memories Mug, and your back and forth journal idea is great MyStory. Kamana, I said so before, you're a fantastic mum.

Travelin'Oma said...

I wish I'd kept a journal of my kid's wisdom. I remember somethings, but not enough. I've noticed that my grandkids LOVE to hear about their parents and the cute/funny/thoughtful things they said. You're smart to start doing this. Thanks for a great post of ideas.

Joy said...

I hope you can do all three!