Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Blog Assignment #2 - 10 Places I'd Like to visit

Ten Places I'd Like to Visit Some day
-Scotland (all of it; Edinburgh, the highlands, the lake area, everything)
-London (again and again and again ...)
-Cornwall (I'm a Piltcher fan)
-Finland (trees and water is a magical combination for me)
-Canada (same as above)
-Austrian Alps (same)
-New York ( no comments!)
-Italy (especially Florence)
-Malaysia (where my dearest pen-friend lives)
-some more Greek Islands (like Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Rhodes ...)
Oh, I've written ten already!? Well, I'll cheat a bit: ...the Maldives, somewhere in Africa (I don't know where exactly yet), Iceland, Spain, Antarctica, ...
I go on holiday for several reasons but most often to relax and see new places. I like exploring cities and towns, first day with a guide book to see the main sights and then without one to see places where the locals go to; to experience life, not as a tourist but as a traveller. I loved it, for instance, when I was having tea in Oxford with my friend and two ladies asked if they could sit with us; we had a lovely conversation about the town and how people there spend their time. I visited the museums as well but please don't ask me what I saw in them! See what I mean?
On a different note, I love nature. My ideal holiday house would be by a lake, surrounded by tall trees and vast areas of grass. I once saw a place like that in a film and fell in love with it. Breathing fresh air, going on walks in a forest or simply reading a book on the deck of a wooden house suits me just fine.
Ideally, a city with some history behind it and a certain atmospheric background, with some beautiful countryside nearby would be magical for me.

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Around the hook said...

Oh Scotland is just SO beautiful! London I agree, again and again!

I've never been to Finland, but I'm swedish and I can really tell you that it's beautiful, but maybe you have been?

If you come to Austria, do a little detour by Switzerland to drink a cuppa with me!