Wednesday, 28 March 2012


My favourite season is here!
Not only because the calendar says so, but weatherwise as well.
Ah! I looooove spring!
The colours, the smells...
We're not fully into it yet, of course,
but when my son and I plant seeds and when we look for signs -and find many- I say, it's here alright!
Meanwhile, we've got one more week before the Easter school break and I can't wait to go to my village and see the green shoots from the bulbs I planted in November.

Take Care and have fun, my friends!

Monday, 12 March 2012


I don't think I've ever eaten birthday cake so early in the morning,
but it was the only time in the day we were all together!

Happy Birthday, sunshine!

Friday, 9 March 2012


lately, it feels like life is slipping through my fingers.
all we do around here is work and study.
no time to play or have fun on weekdays!

i still get excited when the time of year for spring bulbs arrives -
i'm a sucker for spring, don't forget-
and i'm over the moon when i get a parcel in the mail,
even if it's something i ordered.
and if you ask my little one, he won't complain for lack of
weekend activities - plays etc.

but a new reality has slowly set in.
i looked at my paperwhite today,
and thought that these should be the last plants i buy for a while.
i smile when i see my extremely cute, yet totally unnecessary, shabby-chic rabbit and mouse toys on my bedside table -yes, i really need to
stay away from etsy.

books and entertainment for my little guy
will be the last fortress to fall,
even if i have to eat pasta and rice every day.
- besides, i love pasta! ;)

oh, well! it's the weekend.
i'm sure i'll find something fun for us to do.

i wish i had more time to blog.
i feel better already.

take care!