Friday, 9 March 2012


lately, it feels like life is slipping through my fingers.
all we do around here is work and study.
no time to play or have fun on weekdays!

i still get excited when the time of year for spring bulbs arrives -
i'm a sucker for spring, don't forget-
and i'm over the moon when i get a parcel in the mail,
even if it's something i ordered.
and if you ask my little one, he won't complain for lack of
weekend activities - plays etc.

but a new reality has slowly set in.
i looked at my paperwhite today,
and thought that these should be the last plants i buy for a while.
i smile when i see my extremely cute, yet totally unnecessary, shabby-chic rabbit and mouse toys on my bedside table -yes, i really need to
stay away from etsy.

books and entertainment for my little guy
will be the last fortress to fall,
even if i have to eat pasta and rice every day.
- besides, i love pasta! ;)

oh, well! it's the weekend.
i'm sure i'll find something fun for us to do.

i wish i had more time to blog.
i feel better already.

take care!


Lisa said...

Your lunch looks good!

Surely it won't always be this way, Yiota - hang on!

marigold jam said...

I was only wondering about you this morning - glad you are OK even if thrift is the new watchword chez vous! Your flowers look beautiful and must surely cheer you and with spring on the way things to do with little one will be easier to find no doubt. Hang in there things will get better someday!

Sarah said...

Yes-I agree! And it is lovely to hear about your life when you do find time to blog.