Friday, 29 July 2011


~ a little crochet goodness I've been working on (when it's not too hot)
~ The Happiness Project (this is the right chapter at the right time - referring to contents)
~ Colouring pebbles
~ Some sewing did take place (more to come)
~ We all want some rain!
~ One more caravan - lego, this time

We're going to be away for a few days;
my dad's tomatoes are ready to fill lots of jars with summer bounty.

Take Care!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


 I don't normally do something in order to blog about it (!)
but today I need the motivation.
With the housework done on Monday, and most of the ironing done yesterday
I have no excuse.
I need to start doing it.
I've procrastinated long enough.
And I need you to keep me on track.
I need you to ask me every now and then: 'how are you progressing, Yiota?'
Because I have so many projects on my mind, they're driving me crazy!!!


And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go dust my sewing machine
and bring the ironing board out (you do iron the fabric before you start sewing the pieces together, right?)

Have a good day!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

the sky

I took these pictures with my phone on Saturday evening.
The clouds had this strange looking wave effect - very impressive ( this photo doesn't really do the whole thing justice)
While the rest of the family were still in the water, I had some time, once again, to admire the grandeur of nature. Such beauty!


Lisa, expect some love in your mailbox soon. Congratulations!


Friday, 22 July 2011

two years

Two years ago (tomorrow to be precise) I found some comfort to my grief by coming up with a name, uploading a couple of pictures and putting down some of my thoughts. This proved to be really therapeutic for my wounded soul as I only wrote about happy stuff back then.
Two years later, passing my blogging experience in review, here's what I have to say:

~ I've got to know myself better
~ I've become a more thoughtful person, being inspired by many of you
~ I've become a better mum, again by being inspired by you
~ I've developed a couple of new hobbies and explored my creativity
~I've become more observant; taking photographs has helped me notice details I'd, otherwise, have overlooked
~ I've learned to appreciate the little things and am now more grateful for what I have than ever

Thank you all so much for visiting my little space.
 (I have, in fact, changed this sentence a couple of times; it initially sounded as if I'd just won an Oscar award -" I want to thank...")

If you haven't read my previous post, then you may like to know that I'm going to send a little something (a surprise that will help me make it more personal to the winner!) to one of you as a way to 'celebrate'.
Just leave a comment here or at my previous post, saying that you're interested in some snail mail love.

~ comments are now closed - I'll draw a winner soon ~
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

I've been thinking...

I was watching an interview on TV just now, of an actor I like, and here's what I thought :
" I could listen to him talk for hours"
and then
"but I couldn't watch him act for more than thirty minutes"!!!
"Why is that?", I wondered.
Is it because the TV series he has participated in so far are lame - because I have to admit I've never seen him in a play - or is it because real life is always more fascinating?
The maze of my thoughts brought me to blogging.
'Blogging is not acting', you may say. Is it not? Sometimes at least?
Are  bloggers  always so very happily married, with the perfect home, jobs, families?
I know at least two people whose blogs are full of pretty stuff and happy thoughts when in fact they're going through some kind of hardship or other.
I try to be true to myself first and foremost but to be honest there have been times that I haven't blogged much because I didn't want to say :'I feel sad'. But as you already know there have also been times when I felt like sharing my troubles.
At other times my blog is a bit like psychotherapy to me: if I feel blue, I may post something pretty  or I may share my miseries; both towards the same end: to make me feel better.
Of course, being optimistic as I usually am, I try to be (and show that I am) content.
How about reading blogs? I like reading about other bloggers' reality, on their good days and bad; it helps getting to know people better. I won't deny it, though, that there's this part of me that gets all excited with pretty pictures of beautiful homes and smiling faces.
Could you please share your thoughts with me?

On a totally different note, (if you're still with me) you may like to receive a little something from me in your mail box; you see, I was looking for an excuse to send some mail love when I realised I've been blogging for (almost) two years. That's good enough for me. If you're interested in a surprise parcel, please do say so in the comments and I'll ask my little one to draw a name out of his cap next week.

Take Care!

PS. I keep forgetting to let you know that I have trouble leaving comments to some of your blogs; pop-up windows are fine and if I'm given the option name/url at the 'select profile'  element I can do it, too but sometimes at some blogs I 'm not even given this option.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

been camping...

...sort of

another one of his godmother's brilliant presents
(Sunday was his name-day)


PS.Because some of you are asking, let me explain the living/working situation: the school I belong to is the one I worked at this past school year, faraway from home. The years before, I asked for a temporary transfer to a school near home, which I got, that's why I wasn't away. The school year that has just ended though, I'd decided to go to my appointed school because I had to do that in order to be eligible for a permanent transfer in case there was an opening near home - but there wasn't one, that's why I have applied for another temporary transfer (as have many many other teachers). We'll know who goes where at the end of August (schools start in September). If I get the transfer I'll either be here at home or at my village ( I applied for both areas; my village is 85km away from home, my school is 450!) If I don't get it...I may have to leave again or I may ask for a sabbatical (which means no income). Hope this makes sense. I know it's confusing and it's frustrating for us not knowing where we'll be in a few weeks.
PPS. Today's post: 13 words / Postscript: a gazillion words!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

today's colours

orange and green

When I'm in no hurry to go out or clean the house or be otherwise engaged
I find it relaxing to wash, scrape, chop fresh vegetables and herbs and stock the freezer.

This is just some of the 'loot' I brought yesterday from my village.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

the colours of summer bounty

I sometimes know, when I prepare some kind of food, that as soon as it's ready, I'll take pictures of it.
This is not what happened yesterday with this Greek salad, though. I was setting the table for hubby to eat his dinner when I caught myself staring at it, trying to figure out what  it was that made it so special.
And then I got it. For one thing, it was the colour combination: white, red and green. So fresh and summery.
But it was not only this. You see, except for the cheese, everything else in the salad came from my dad's and in-law's veggie garden.
Home-grown veggies are delicious in a feel-well kind of way; do you know what I mean?

By the way, my dad has 350 (I know!!!) roma tomato plants; they're the best for tomato products and we're planning to fill lots of jars next month!

Take Care!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

right now

"...there are also plenty of other reasons [to celebrate] ... A new job, the first day at school, a half-birthday..."
Amanda Blake Soule
The Creative family

How about when you can sit  on your favourite sofa again, after having sorted out and put away mountains of clothes?
Yes! This definitely calls for the ultimate one-person celebration (as I'm home alone): coffee and reading! Yay!
Life's good!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

on Monday ...

...we decided to go to a nearby town with my husband, who had some work to do there.
While daddy was about his business, we were having fun at the park.

On our way back to the city, my husband had the idea of stopping at a seaside resort for lunch.
"Oh, goodie! I happen to have a set of clothes for little one, cause there's no way he'll stay dry. Just stop at a supermarket so I can buy him a towel and some sunscreen."

Little Mr Hard-To-Please said it was an awesome day!
Who am I to disagree?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!
Lots of ironing planned for me today. But not before spending an hour or so with my book and my morning coffee.

Monday, 4 July 2011

scenes from the weekend

Hello lovelies!
Hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful start to your week!
Here things are quite laid back; slowly but surely, I'm going through the stuff we brought back home - a couple of boxes here, a suitcase there...
This morning, when I proudly stated that we could finally see our floors, hubby answered :'what about the sofa?'
Ahem..., we have another one, plus a very comfortable armchair; what do we need our (now full of winter clothes to be sorted out and put away) smaller sofa?

Our weekend was a very good one.
There was ...

...reading a very interesting book in my comfy flowery pjs (and a cardigan; it was a bit chilly in the mornings)

...lots of playmobil action (after the caravan, knights, pirates and a castle came out of their boxes and mummy discreetly turned to her book -shhhh!)

...some yummy action in the kitchen (chocolate-nutella tart; most of it still in the freezer to tempt me - no, no, I need to lose some weight)

...a birthday celebration with just the three of us at home followed by dinner at a restaurant with friends (it was hubby's birthday, by the way)


...a family breakfast - pancakes + honey+ almonds. mmmmm blanket being put in good use by little one while watching cartoons early in the morning (good thing it's acrylic and not wool!)

...some (light) housework which resulted in fresh bedlinen (the piles of books are among the things that were revomed from the floor but have in fact nowhere to live!)

We also attended a Christening; my youngest nephew bacame godfather to a little girl and ...
watched the news... a lot :(

As you can see, regardless of the general chaos in my country, life at our little home is good.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments. It feels great to write 'I'm back home' and see that so many people I've actually never met understand what this means to me and feel happy for me. I'm so grateful for your being here!

Take Care!