Thursday, 21 July 2011

I've been thinking...

I was watching an interview on TV just now, of an actor I like, and here's what I thought :
" I could listen to him talk for hours"
and then
"but I couldn't watch him act for more than thirty minutes"!!!
"Why is that?", I wondered.
Is it because the TV series he has participated in so far are lame - because I have to admit I've never seen him in a play - or is it because real life is always more fascinating?
The maze of my thoughts brought me to blogging.
'Blogging is not acting', you may say. Is it not? Sometimes at least?
Are  bloggers  always so very happily married, with the perfect home, jobs, families?
I know at least two people whose blogs are full of pretty stuff and happy thoughts when in fact they're going through some kind of hardship or other.
I try to be true to myself first and foremost but to be honest there have been times that I haven't blogged much because I didn't want to say :'I feel sad'. But as you already know there have also been times when I felt like sharing my troubles.
At other times my blog is a bit like psychotherapy to me: if I feel blue, I may post something pretty  or I may share my miseries; both towards the same end: to make me feel better.
Of course, being optimistic as I usually am, I try to be (and show that I am) content.
How about reading blogs? I like reading about other bloggers' reality, on their good days and bad; it helps getting to know people better. I won't deny it, though, that there's this part of me that gets all excited with pretty pictures of beautiful homes and smiling faces.
Could you please share your thoughts with me?

On a totally different note, (if you're still with me) you may like to receive a little something from me in your mail box; you see, I was looking for an excuse to send some mail love when I realised I've been blogging for (almost) two years. That's good enough for me. If you're interested in a surprise parcel, please do say so in the comments and I'll ask my little one to draw a name out of his cap next week.

Take Care!

PS. I keep forgetting to let you know that I have trouble leaving comments to some of your blogs; pop-up windows are fine and if I'm given the option name/url at the 'select profile'  element I can do it, too but sometimes at some blogs I 'm not even given this option.


marigold jam said...

I wonder if the reason we sometimes keep our problems to ourselves is that it's one thing to share them with a friend and quite another to share them with the world! Many bloggers have become friends of course but anything we say on a blog post is available to millions of people and maybe some of us aren't ready for that kind of sharing?

I'd suggest that sometimes real life is acting too though as again the person others see is often not the same person we know ourselves to be - this has been brought home to me on many occasions when I want to look behind me to see who is this person a freind is referring to as it surely cannot be me!

I think you have touched on an interesting topic for discussion here and I wish we could talk about it face to face as it were.

We must have begun blogging about the same time as it will be two years for me too next week! Hasn't the time flown by? I'd love to see a little something in my mailbox but I feel I have had far too many gifts over the past couple of years and indeed I have had some lovely things from you too so maybe it wouldn't be fair to add my name to the list this time.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Yiota:
As we commented on your previous post, we have just found you and so it is difficult to comment on the full spectrum of your blog over the past two years. However, although we are relatively new to blogging, we always write for ourselves believing that if one pays too much attention to the audience one can so easily lose the integrity of the blog. One is then, we feel, in danger of losing the way entirely.

In our brief acquintance with your blog, we are aware of the wonderfully eclectic nature of what you write, the different moods created in the posts and the highly personal voice which comes through. These ingredients, for us, make your blog so very appealing.

Congratulations on two years of blogging. That is an amazing achievement. And, as we have been very fortunate to just have won a 'giveaway' and as we are newcomers here, please do not include us in your draw as we are sure that your regular readers and commenters will love to receive a parcel in the post from you.

Joy said...

This is such a fascinating question! How to sort out reality ~ when we are so full of misconceptions, assumptions and dreams?
It is a life's journey and full of fun and richness and struggle too.
We have to choose how we show our face to the world (our blogger face!).
I feel like I am seeing those faces when I read blogs, and gradually getting to know the whole person.
I love your idea of a parcel in the post Yiota, but I am so far away!

Feline said...

If I send you a parcel in the beginning of August, where do i send it?

Yiota said...

Feline: here, Thessaloniki

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Yiota. Your thinking has gotten me thinking! I keep poppin' over here - thinking I might leave a comment & then think differently ;) I will say tho' that I do agree w/ the Hattats here "...if one pays too much attention to the audience one can so easily lose the integrity of the blog". - Tho' if I'm going to "be real" here I must admit that I wrestle here as well.

Lynne said...

Hi Yiota,
What an interesting post.
But before I forget, I had the same problem with commenting and was told to untick the keep signed in box. Hope that helps. However I did change mine from a pop up box (which I thought was okay) because someone was having trouble posting on mine, so I changed it but she still had problems. So I need to do something.
I know what you mean about some blogs presenting a rosy picture. And they seem a bit unreal at times. Though I do agree with Marigold Jam that to share our problems on our blogs, though it feels as though we are talking to our friends, we don't see who else also reads it. So I for one am a bit wary. It also probably opens up the whole privacy thing. Just how much is known about us on the web. Scary!
Wishing you a happy day!
Oh and a surprise parcel is always nice.