Sunday, 20 September 2009

Snapshots from an Ordinary Saturday

Sunday morning. We just had breakfast; toasted bread, butter and homemade plum marmalade or honey, yellow cheese, juice, coffee (if you eat four slices, every combination is possble). Hubby prepared breakfast and I'll do the dishes later. For now, I've let the boys play with little one's Legos -no, I hear a Christmas (!!!) book being read and came to the study to finish my coffee.

So, yesterday was a Saturday pretty much like many others. Just one small difference: I decided to take it all in; to make it memorable. I can't wait for special days to come to my life. I'm making each day special.

Come along. I'll give you a tour of "Saturday at Yiota's".

I started the day by airing the bed linen, even before my morning coffee. It was a crisp morning with some rain later on. I'll spare you the boring details of cleaning-you all know how that is done, anyway :) Let me just tell you that I had regular blogging breaks, visiting 'friends'.

This is little one's bed, fresh linen and all. I had hardly taken my pictures before he jumped up and enjoyed making a mess with it. Never mind, as long as he's having fun...

This is my bed with a knitted white blanket hubby's grandma made (click to enlarge) which I had forgotten that existed (the blanket, not the granny!) It stayed like that all day long, which is a miracle considering my son likes playing hide and seek in our bed!

"Why is Bunny-bunny" hanging from the handle on the bathroom door, dear?"
" I spilled some water on it and put it there to dry". Oh, well...

Little one's favourite pastime: looking at the crafts he made at his first pre-school; he's holding a card for Animal Rights Day.

"Mum, let's play with Thomas". Ok, you're entitled to some time with mommy. Toot-toot.

Time to make some lunch.
What do you make with...
a bowl..

... eggs and seasoning...

... veggies and tomato sauce...

... boiled pasta...

...and a baking pan?

An oven 'frittata'!
I got the idea from here.

Some zucchini fries and a beetroot salad (forgot to take a picture) and an unexpected early return home by our daddy made it a great lunch.

Just before the supermarket closed I decided I wanted a few things.
Came back with goodies for little one...

... and the ingredients for a lemon cake.
Turned out the dosage was for a tiny baking tin, which I didn't have.
Flat though it was, the cake was delicious. We ate almost half of it as soon as it got out of the oven. I'll definitely do it again but double the dosage!

By that time little one was fast asleep, just in time for a movie evening. Dirty Dancing was on as a tribute to Patrick Swayze (I'm quickly skipping this part as I'm still too sensitive on cancer issues) so I had a shower, put on my lovely pjs and joined hubby on the couch. I hadn't seen the film in years; it was wonderful!

See? I told you it was nothing special but it was so very special to me.
Take Care!
Have a lovely week!


marigold jam said...

May not have been anything special but it is the little things in life that count so it was in fact a lovely day and one which you will remember parts of for years to come I am sure.



Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

WOW i love your blog thank you for your comment on my blog :) I will be following your blog as it is very interesting adn inspiring. now off to do some homework!! hehe
hope you have a nice week
Lucy x

Claudia Medeiros said...


You're not alone , my Saturday was busy , too :D

P.S.: I loved the new blog background !!!

Joy said...

Bless The Day

andamento said...

Thanks for sharing your day!

Tabiboo said...

What a wonderful day and I love the little virtual tour.

Nina x