Friday, 29 October 2010

my favourite day of the week

~ friday
~i love fridays
~ there's a whole weekend ahead
~ i'm rarely stressed on a friday
yesterday was a national holiday;
we celebrated our 1940 resistance against the italians-
unfortunately, it was raining so the parade was cancelled;
we didn't get the chance to see our baby parade in his traditional costume, holding a greek flag;
but there was a celebration at his school on wednesday with poems recited by the children and songs that the soldiers used to sing -
my headmaster agreed to let me go see my son instead of going to my school's celebration, so i was with him~ a proud mommy, indeed!

hubby came on wednesday evening and he'll be staying till sunday afternoon
( i much rather say 'he'll be staying' than 'he'll be leaving');
he's at the nearby village now, helping a friend with some construction work he's doing -
little one is still at school, so this is my quiet time;
Joni Mitchell keeps me good company~
no plans for the weekend;
i think we're having a slow one.
what about you?
have fun whatever you do!
i won't spend much time online- i've got lots of books to read (thank you nice people who send books!) and a crochet blanket to work on (it's very cold here) so talk to you all next week
take care!


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Sounds like you've got a wonderful weekend ahead :)

Mug said...

Love the costume photo! And the one of all the little ones heads:) I am, for some reason, always amazed at how other parts of the world are realy not so different from ours....from the scenery you photograph to the myriad hair colors on the youngsters in your son's classroom!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Your son looks super in that lovely outfit. Glad you are having a nice Thursday and Friday... hope the weekend is also relaxing.
Lucy xxxxx

jabblog said...

Lovely costume - hope you took lots of photos to show him when he's older.
Have a happy weekend :-)

Joy said...

It is a lovely slow weekend here too, thanks Yiota. Love that Greek costume!

Lynne said...

What a shame the parade was cancelled. Lovely photo of your son in his costume.
Happy belated Birthday.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

That costume is so sweet! Glad you got the chance to go and see your son.

Jessica said...

Hi Yiota,
I've so enjoyed catching up with the happenings in your world. Your blog is such a lovely and restful place to visit. Isn't it interesting how the "aura" (so to speak)is different from blog to blog? I like your blogs aura ;) You know, I was thinking about this earlier, what a profound gift it is that a blogger attempts to give. It's really such a special thing, to open ones door and heart to strangers. These warm intimate glances into others lives are a treasure. Thank you for being open. It's beautiful!