Wednesday, 7 April 2010


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I've been lazing around today, not in the mood to do much around the house.

The past two weeks have been hard, both physically and emotionally, although I haven't been to work for two weeks; little one had his tonsils removed- thank God, it all went fine,only the practical issues afterwards were tough- and I miss my mum so very much. I have a few more days before I go back to school on Monday and with little one at school since yesterday, I had planned to do some housework. It's not happening though; I get tired ridiculously easily. My body is screaming for some rest - I thought I've had enough already; my mind is drawing me to my books, crochet and here, reading blogs, 'wandering around' the British countryside. My soul is with my aunt who's struggling to recover from a major surgery - I hate you cancer!

I get out on the balcony, first thing every morning, to see if there are new blooms; they bring joy, help me smile.




Claudia Medeiros said...

Beautiful slideshow, Yiota !
I'm glad to know your little one is at school and this reminds me when I was a little girl. My tonsils were too bad to me but they weren't removed ... Hard times ... so after many years dealing with them, we're good friends now :)

I'm sure when you go back to work you'll feel better ;)

Sending love and remember you're not alone. Our blogland is such a magical and special place with friends sharing and spreading love and hope to the others.

Have a beautiful and inspiring day !

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

I am glad that your son's operation went ok and that he is recovering well.
Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great - Thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon. I like your Tulip slideshow - the Cowslips in our front garden cheer me up with their bright sunny yellows.
Lucy xxxxxx

Joy said...

Take care Yiota, it is so exhausting when your child has an operation! i hope you can both take it gently for a bit longer!
Enjoy those tulips!'Thankyou for the slideshow!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Hi Yiota. Your slideshow pics are so pretty! I assume that little one is doing well after his surgery since he's back to school - which means you did a great job being his nurse :) Now can take care of you. Rest, my friend :)

Sarah said...

Lovely pictures Yiota! Hope you get a chance to get some rest. I hope your aunty is ok too. I would love to meet you too-you never know-one day!
Sarah x

Cassie said...

Tulips will certainly bring you sunshine and happiness. I am sending you healing wishes and thoughts from deep in the British countryside, hope it helps.

Glad you liked my Thassos cam - I have been fortunate to travel there twice now and loved the island. Also travelled to a few other Greek islands, I really do love Greece and Santorini is really pulling on my heart right now.


Lynne said...

Hello Yiota,
Sorry you're having a hard time. I do hope things get better for you soon.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello Yiota,
I glad your son is doing well after hs operation. The housework can wait. You must be sure to get your rest. Sit in the sunshine and enjoy the flowers!
Best wishes!