Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Being spoiled...

Lately, I've been feeling much loved, even spoiled sometimes.
I've won two giveaways (I've yet to blog about the second one), got birthday presents in the mail and a surprise present by my dearest, closest to my heart friend and I'm expecting another book from a blogger friend (details in due time).
A couple of days after my birthday my best friend came over after work and not at all empty-handed! She brought treats for little one/her godson, two little herb pots (see previous post) and this parcel.
Do you like how it looks? I was speechless! You see, my dear friend is not a crafts person and she would always admire the way I presented my gifts to her -from homemade tomato sauce to a little trunk with all sorts of goodies.
So in order to please me she sat down and transformed this box (of ? I don't really now what) into a girlie, lovely box for me.
Do you want to take a pick inside?

...matching wrapping paper...

...and..Ta-dah! A gorgeous, feminine, tight-waisted (I know that's not a word but you get the picture)red (much brighter than in the picture) shirt (blouse??)!!!!
Last Friday I received my birthday present from my pen-friend in Malaysia. I sort of guessed part of the contents; you see, when we met in London in April we were talking about books and told her I didn't have time to find a second-hand copy of The Shell Seekers and she said she would find it for me. She's sent me other books since then but not this one. So (clever me!) I suspected she was saving it for my birthday. I've read the book a hundred times (almost) but always in Greek; I can't wait to read the original.

There was also another book which she says is very good (and if she says it's good then it is), two more bookmarks (I need to take a picture of all the bookmarks she's sent me and show you, they're endless!) and ...

... a silk caftan with a hand-painted peacock on it!!! It's gorgeous (if I may say so myself)

Thank you my friends for spoiling me! I need it and I appreciate it so much.

Take Care everyone!



marigold jam said...

Lucky you! I too have won 2 giveaways and cannot believe my luck! I hope you continue to enjoy your birthday by reading your books, and wearing that stunning kaftan!

Jane x

Scattering Lupines said...

ooohh... i am SO JEALOUS of the peacock caftan! I would wear it every day! What wonderful gifts. You ARE spoiled!

My Greek neighbor doesn't speak much English, and I do not speak much Greek, except Yassou, Kalimera, Kalinita, Elfarhisto, Parakalo, and common phrases like those. So.... I will see what I can find out. I visit her several times a week, and it's quite funny to see us trying to have a conversation! She is wonderful. She tells me I am her "third daughter."

She recently lost her husband to cancer. I took over a BIG chicken pot pie for the whole family and had NO IDEA they couldn't eat chicken during mourning. I think they broke the rules and let the kids eat it to make me feel less embarrassed:)

Is it true that, according to Greek Orthodox tradition, she must wear black for the rest of her life? I think that's what she told me, but I am not positive I understood correctly.

Claudia Medeiros said...

Such beautiful moments like these warm up our souls with love, happiness and peace ...


Scattering Lupines said...

Well, then. THat makes sense. She does have a small community since she only associates with other Greeks (and us!). So, I guess she feels obliged. I told her she looks good in black! She laughed a lot and shook her head saying, "Black YUCK!" So, whenever I wear all black I go over and show her to say, "See? Black is stylish" and she twinkles. So, that was a wonderful clarification. Thank you!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Spoiled indeed! How fun to be the recipient of such nice gifts/prizes! ENJOY!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

How lovely...what thoughtful gifts...the scarf is glorious...what a beauty....

Aren't we lucky to have our friends? I have met so many nice people in blogland.

Happy Belated Birthday to You!


Happy@Home said...

Oh, how wonderful to be spoiled by your friends and I hope you are enjoying every moment of it while it lasts. Your friend's gift was wrapped very nicely and the peacock kaftan is gorgeous.

Belated birthday greetings to you and thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I do appreciate them.

sherry ♥ lee said...

Everyone needs to be spoiled now and then...we so often forget to spoil ourselves!! I love what your friend gave you ... and I am sending you belated wishes for a wonderful year filled with joy and discovery!