Friday, 4 December 2009

Lasciatemi Cantare!

While driving to work today
whizzing at 90km when the sign read 60km
(ridiculous for that road but there was a camera pointing at me
so I might find a ticket for speeding in my post box soon)
... what was I saying?
Ah! yes! whizzing because I was late and all stressed -
little one refuses to take his medication
and you know how bad I am when patience is needed-
so while driving
I heard this song on the radio.
(did you make any sense from what I've written so far?
Gosh! I'm so -physically and emotionally- tired!)
So, with the little bit of Italian I remember,
I sang along at the top of my voice
when it hit me!
Why am I feeling so blue?
Or is it that I think I am,
just because my little angel is giving me a hard time
and I yell at him
and then -of course- I feel bad and cry and cry...?
Because, you see,
when I'm really blue
(like a couple of weeks ago)
I CAN'T SING!!!!!!!!!
So there!
'Lasciatemi cantare' (let me sing)
and I'll be fine! (hopefully)
Have a lovely weekend!


marigold jam said...

Oh Viota I do so know how you feel and let me tell you they can still get to you even when they are adults! Glad that you can sing though - you must be feeling a little less blue!

Take care of yourself and try and relax a little (I know, I know if I knew what you had to get done I wouldn't say that!)

Jane x

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

:( I feel sad that you are feeling blue but hopefully you will feel better soon!!
Have a fabulous weekend :P
Lucy xx

country girl said...

My dear blue Yiota...sing whether you think you can or not. Just let it out! Sing like kids do, loud and not caring if anyone hears or what they sound like.
Hope you are feeling pink again soon...

rockinloubylou said...

I find the car is the very best place for that kind of therapeutic singing.

Sarah said...

Singing is definitely a good cure for the blues. especially in the car, and especially really loud! I really hope you feel a bit better soon(and the little one)-nearly the holidays thank goodness! This time of year is always hard. Do you get much of a break soon?

andamento said...

Hi Yiota.
I followed your link. It led me on my own little YouTube journey ending up with this
The only Italian music album that I own - bought while working in Italy for 3 months in 1990.
An unexpected but enjoyable little trip down memory lane - thank you!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello Yiota,
Yes, singing in the car is wonderfully therapeutic! ..... I think am more vocal on my drive home from work :)
I hope you are feeling better soon.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

hope you get some time to rest and enjoy yourself at the weekend. hugs, kamana

Joy said...

I hope you keep singing it loud Yiota!

Scattering Lupines said...

You poor thing! Cute post, though!

I like that song. Good beat. I took two years of Italian and didn't catch a word he said! Terrible.

sherry ♥ lee said...

You were making perfect sense...and that song is lovely...

Feeling blue?? This time of year is so classic for that to happen..stress, rushing about...having a child who won't take medicine, you losing all adds up. So not being able to sing? You were too tightly wound!

I hope today was better and you managed to relax and sing at the top of your voice today!! xo