Tuesday, 23 February 2010

while waiting...

When a new season is around the corner,
I like browsing through old magazines-
cooking, decoration, parenting ones-
to warm up
and find inspiration.

I know we still have a full month of winter ahead,

but there will be days with sunshine,

and besides, the first signs of spring have already made their appearance

(see a couple of posts below).

These images are from a Greek magazine on parenting~
I liked the flowery fabrics in the first photo
and all the vibrant colours in the second.
edit to add: it goes without saying that the little girl
is adorable; I've recently waved goodbye to my lifelong dream
of having a daughter one day.
This award was passed on to me by Lucy.
Thank you for always being here.

PS. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments on my first crochet project!
Have a lovely week!


katrina lauren said...

oh how i love the first photo...i just want to scoop her up and give her big hugs....very sweet!
i'm dreaming of summer here too in snowy canada...oh lazy summer days...i heart you!

country girl said...

I love that first picture! Oooh, I want a little child of my own, walking clumsy and exploring and wiggling their toes.
Yes, spring is definitely on the way! Won't it be wonderful?

Joy said...

I also love that first picture! The way she is standing, and the little clothes on the line!
I am so glad Spring is coming to you!

Claudia Medeiros said...

The first photo is really beautiful :) It reminds me when I was I little girl and used to help mom with the laundry :)

I hope you have an inspiring Spring ! Here, we are already saying good-bye to Summer...

Blessings !

Lynne said...

They're lovely colourful pictures. We're looking forward to spring too.

Tracy said...

What delicious fun photos, Yiota! We need all the lift we can when in the midst of winter... Can't wait for spring! Congrats on your lovely award. Happy Week, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Scattering Lupines said...

Love those photos! Especially the second. My dream is to have a house full of little BOYS! Oh, dear!

Happy@Home said...

Love both of these photos. The colors are beautiful and do make me anxious to see those pretty colors in the form of spring flowers.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

It is snowing again here and so the colourful photos have reminded me that Spring should be here soon. I love lots of colour and cheerful things!
Thank you for showing the award.
Lucy xxxx

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

There is something wonderful about spring catalogs, it's gives us hope that someday, and it wont' be long, we will be wearing flowery dresses and dancing in the sun!

Soon, really soon!

Thank you for this!

Kali said...

'yia sou' Yiota!
Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog, I appreciate it.
It's been so lovely visiting your blog; your home, food, creations are all delightful.
There are many things you talk about and images that are 'familiar'. I am Greek (born & bred in Australia)...I so look forward to visiting again!
xo, Kali

Anonymous said...

what a cutie in that first photo.

i love flipping through mags myself. but what do you do with them once youve read them. do you ever re-read them? reuse them in anyway?

Sherry said...

Beautiful award to be gifted to you!! And yes, dreaming of spring...and these photographs are vivid, colourful and hope filled. I adore the first one -- the fabric, that little girl; and the second makes me think of my sons when they were that age. I too have given up the dream of having a daughter...my new dream is daughters-in-law and granddaughters...I'm a lot closer to the latter than the former!! :)