Friday, 20 August 2010

thank you!

* these are all in one big pot on my balcony;
aren't they sweet? *

this summer, I'm taking it slow ~
a bit of housework, a bit of cooking,
a lot of mum-son time,
a lot of reading,
very little TV,
quite a lot of sea-time...
and some blogging ~
honest, I've been blogging less than I did when I worked,
even on the days I am at home ~
reading blogs has been a part of most of my days,
but as I wanted to limit the time I spend in front of the screen
I've hardly left any comments ~
yet, you've been here,
reading my thoughts,
admiring my pictures (oh, you're so kind!)...
thank you for knocking on my door - the light is always on;
please know that my absence from your comment sections is only temporary
Take Care!


jabblog said...

Beautiful flowers! You're entirely right to take time for you and your son. Enjoy those precious moments.

marigold jam said...

Lovely flowers and you are so right to take time away from the screen.


Claudia said...

Enjoy your summertime, dear friend :)
By the way, such lovely flowers ! Thanks for sharing them with us.


Mug said...

Just stopping by to say "Hi, Yiota!"....and to read your lovely thoughts:) You have brightened my day:)