Tuesday, 17 May 2011

down at the river

We had a very pleasant and relaxing walk, all three of us, on sunday afternoon.
One that I cherish and keep close to my heart.
It will help these last five weeks go by faster.


jabblog said...

Just five weeks to go? The time seems to have passed very quickly - though probably not for you.

marigold jam said...

Not long now then. I dare say you are counting the days? Your walk looks lovely and so different to how I always imagined your country to be. Blogging is great for getting to learn about other countries and cultures isn't it?

Have received the book you recommended in your last post today so am looking forward to reading it and will think of you!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Your photos are beautiful, as always. I hope that you'll be so busy exploring these lovely places that you won't notice time passing by :)

Joy said...

I love that river. I hope every day of those five weeks contains special things!

Lisa said...

Very beautiful scenery! Is that a thistle?

Manya said...

You live in a beautiful place.