Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I love this month's picture from my calendar!
It's not very autumnal, but neither is the atmosphere here.
It's hotter and more humid than August!
There is some promise of a change in seasons in the evening breeze
but other than that, summer is still here.

 Of course, we (I)'ve eating a lot of grapes,
but I long for a change in the air as well.
I long for cooler afternoons, I long for cardigans and I almost can't wait to snuggle under my crochet blanket.
And I long for rain!!! Where are the August showers I love so much? I would even be happy with a whole-day beautiful September drizzle. As long as there's water falling from the sky.

I find myself completely disorganised these days. My mind is scattered here and there (I still don't know which school I'll be working at - at least I know where I'll be living!)
I've got hundreds of items in my (mental) to-do list and don't know where to start. Well, I do know where to start: my son's room. I need to de-clutter it and get rid of toys and baby clothes and baby books, have it painted and then do the fun part : decorate it!

I somehow feel that all the stress I had in the previous weeks, waiting for my job placement,
hasn't lifted yet. All I want to do is read and crochet and lay back.
Well, this is not the right time to lay back!
I need to pull my act together!
Classes start on Monday.
And I want my son to have a warm, welcoming room to get back to after school.


Anonymous said...

hi yiota. i too feel really scattered these past few days. not sure what is going on but i cannot seem to get things together. i am sure by the time monday comes around it will be fine. perhaps you do need some reading time to relax and get some perspective. enjoy your week. keep smiling. V.

country girl said...

Happy September Yiota!
I hope it will rain soon for you. :)
Re-decorating your son's room to fit his current age sounds like fun. I always love getting rid of old stuff and reinventing a space! Let us know how it goes!

marigold jam said...

Maybe some quiet time is exactly what you need just now then perhaps you would see how to go forward. I am sure your son will not mind if you don't decorate his room right now - could you just add some new pictures and bedcover or something to make it cosy and do the decorating at helf term or next holiday? I find that when I don't know where to start just picking one item and ticking it off the list helps me to move forward and in any case some of the things can be postponed till later. Sounds like a little quiet time is top of the list though! Hope you will soon know where you are to teach - that will help I'm sure.

jabblog said...

September is a strange month in many ways - not summer, not autumn - but often very pleasant. I hope you'll soon know which school you'll be working in. Very unsettling when you're starting term so soon.

Joy said...

Start making lists Yiota! Good luck with it!

Feline said...

I love the teapot too. They always feel so very comforting. And I agree that September is an odd month. Even here. I love October. September here and the sky is filled with the haze from the fires in Indonesia. It's so very hard to breathe and my inhalers are my best friend.

Lisa said...

I don't often hear anyone who looks forward to rain. I hope you get some nice, soft rain soon.

Cassie said...

I think it is completely understandable that you want to lay back and relax now. You were carrying such worry and stress about your living arrangements that you have spent the summer with such concern. I hope you mood is lifted with the lovely project for your son and you find out which school you will be teaching in soon.