Monday, 30 January 2012

sunday outing

we went to the mountains yesterday;
it was a good, family day
{ a rarity lately }

it's a school holiday today.
son and his friends are playing with his playmobil in his room.
i'm enjoying some me-time;
trying to decide if i pick up a book or a hook-
probably both - not simultaneously!


i've been reading your words, looking at your pictures
but haven't been commenting much
as blogging time is really limited.

thanks for stopping by!

take care!


marigold jam said...

And there am I thinking that Greece is a warm sunny country!! Lovely photos Yiota and glad you had a good family day and are enjoying some down-time today too. Snowing here this morning but it's wet so it's not settling or pretty!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!We're expecting some snow tomorrow in southern Greece! Keeping my fingers crossed! Snow is so rare in my area! It will be a blast!

jabblog said...

It looks cold! Enjoy your day's holiday:-)

Sarah said...

Hope you enjoy your relaxing day!

Lisa said...

Somehow I never think of snow when I think of Greece - wow!

Sush said...

Is that really the weather out your door? Wow! I'm hoping we don't get a snowfall here this year. So far my wishes are coming true!
Stay warm!