Thursday, 10 May 2012

till next year

Did you know I love asparagus?
A simple dish of boiled asparagus with olive oil and lemon
is heaven on earth for me.
Together with gridled mushrooms, it's one thing that hardly ever makes it to the table.
So I thought I'd make them last a little longer, by making this great asparagus tart, the 'Jamie way'.

They did last longer... a little longer ... a whole day.
Yes, I ate almost all of it on my own in just one day!

Why is the asparagus season so short?


Sush said...

Ohhhhh that looks devine...perhaps you'd share the recipe? I too love asparagus. I do wish the season was longer, but maybe that's part of their charm!

Anonymous said...

love asparagus just plainly cooked and in a salad or as a side dish. unfortunately we never get it here. :(

Feline said...

Asparagus stir fried with lots of garlic. Add mushrooms or bits of pork. Yummy.