Tuesday, 11 May 2010


a couple of posts below, right here,
Courtney left me this comment:

Beautiful, Yiota! Your words are so amazingly poetic and soothing.

I was speechless when I read it. English is not my mother tongue, not even a second language (we don't have one here). It's a foreign language. I learnt my first English words at school when I was twelve. You know, things like "Hello! How are you?", the verb 'to be' and so on.

I loved this new language from day one though and got straight As at school. Teaching it became my profession when I realised my uni degree as a kindergarten teacher wouldn't bring food on the table. At 32 I decided to get a university degree in English Language and Literature, since by that time I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to do. I got my degree four years ago and got a job in state primary schools. Of course, without much exposure to the language, I started forgetting all the beautiful words I'd learnt - just as I feared I would. I'm still struggling with vocabulary more often than I'd wish.

So, can you imagine my surprise and at the same time joy and excitement that this simple comment gave me? I can't even write 'poetic' words in Greek!

Thank you dear Courtney and everyone else who likes what I write. Your comments mean a lot to me.



marigold jam said...

It's true your English is so good I wondered if you were Greek or just an English girl married to a Greek! You obviously have the gift and your written English is great. I am sure your spoken is too but cannot comment on that of course!


Joy said...

Courtney is not the only one!
There is me too!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Yes! Really :)

Joy said...

I've only just discovered you and I would never have believed that English was NOT your first language. You have such a beautiful command of the words.

Cassie said...

So very true - don't doubt it!


PS: Which book is the image from - I am intrigued?

Yiota said...

Cassie: The Kinsella Sisters by Kate Thompson.
Quite a pleasant read.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I am amazed more often than not when I read your posts. I don't think I could EVER learn English if it weren't my first language! It's so complex and fails to conform to patterns. Yet you have a better grasp of English grammar and idioms than MOST Americans, and you have true talent for WRITING beautifully in English! You are a smart, talented woman, Yiota!