Tuesday, 18 May 2010

~ surprise ~ mail

from Christina...

I was expecting a note
and she sent me a gorgeous photo together with other goodies.
I love her photography and I love tulips.
The sight of the parcel alone made me skippey-happy!
Can you imagine how I felt when I saw the contents?
'swoon' as Christina would say!

from Jane...

Jane had told me she would sent me a thank you letter
because she'd won my giveaway.
It turned out, I was the lucky one.
Look what she's made for me!
It's all handmade!
Do enlarge these pictures to see all the details:
stamps, buttons, snippets of maps;
and all the flowery fabrics!
But that's not all!
There were surprises in all the little pockets!

My favourite one is the little sachet with a photo of a rose I had posted here on one side and one of her roses on the other, printed on ... fabric!

I love it all!

I'm touched and overwhelmed by your generosity ladies.
I feel I can't thank you enough.
Blogging is one thing that I enjoy but real mail that I can touch and carry around with me is happiness smiling at me!



jabblog said...

How beautiful! Goodness, some folk are so gifted :-)

Joy said...

How lovely!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

How sweet!

Claudia Medeiros said...

So lovely =) By the way, soon I will send you some special chochet from where I live. I already have some typical items but I'm going to get more next month from local handcraft workers here ;) I'm sure you will love them. They make beautiful chochet with love and care.

Have a blessed week, dear Yiota and enjoy this precious gift :)

marigold jam said...

Glad you liked it! I enjoyed making it for you and I am loving your giveaway gifts too!

Jane x

Happy@Home said...

How wonderful to receive such beautiful things in your mailbox. I am in awe of the talent these two ladies possess.

Christina said...

you make me smile... i just adore you.

kendalee said...

How gorgeous! What a special gift :)

Sarah said...


Relyn said...

It's your generous and loving heart coming back to you.

Anonymous said...

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