Monday, 13 December 2010

December 13th - grateful for ...

{ Sunday afternoon stillness }

( under the blanket you see is my baby who's napping)

God's poet is silence! His song is unspoken,
And yet so profound, so loud, and so far,
It fills you, it thrills you with measures unbroken,
And as soft, and as fair, and as far as a star.

~Joaquin Miller


Joy said...

A beautiful picture ~ and what a beautiful poem! Thankyou!

marigold jam said...

I agree with Joy who has said it so well! It is indeed true that we need to listen to the silence if we are to know God especially at this busy noisy time of year.


jabblog said...

Sitting in absolute silence is a blessing and so hard to do.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

That is a lovely poem. I often like to have a quiet day in my room.
Lucy xxxxxx

Cassie said...

The perfect picture for the season. We had an afternoon quite like that yesterday too and I am loving a candle alight all day around here too.

Kayte said...

So lovely.