Thursday, 20 January 2011


if you're interested in getting to know me a little better
i'm off to work now.
take care!


marigold jam said...

You sound every bit as lovely as I thought! Have a good day at work and look forward to catching up with you again soon.


Joy said...

A lovely read! Have a good day at work Yiota!

Tracy said...

Loved seeing your interview, Yiota and learning more about you--great fun! Happy Weekend ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by my place, if you can, during the weekend–I’m having a fun Valentine Giveaway! :o)

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Your blog interview was very interesting. I hope you can move back to your husband after this year - it must be difficult being so far away.
Lucy xxxxxx

Cassie said...

Lovely interview Yiota and great to get to know you a little more.
Wishing you a lovely weekend xx

Sarah said...

Interesting interview!