Sunday, 20 February 2011

meet Janice

After reading her interview ovet at Kim's,
I think you'll agree with me that Janice is a very interesting lady.
Thank you all so much for your supportive comments about my husband.
He's got an appointment at the neurology section of the hospital tomorrow and we'll take it from there.
My son has a bad cough now and I'm praying for spring to hurry; not possible, I know!
So sorry I haven't been leaving you notes, though I've been reading your posts.
Have a great Sunday!
(and don't forget to read the interview)


Jill said...

Hope everything goes well with your husband's hospital appointment.

I'll pop over and read the interview.

Take care and have a lovely Sunday.

Happy@Home said...

I do agree that Janice is a very interesting lady :).
I am keeping your husband and son in my thoughts and hope for a good report from the neurologist.