Monday, 4 April 2011

the best things in life are free

I agree!

But what about those other things that you really want to do and are far from free?

things you know will give you great satisfaction for years to come; things that you love with every bit of your heart and soul, every inch of your being.

I'm not talking about necessary things that you need. I'm talking about luxuries.

But is it really a luxury to want to get together with one of your very best friends who happens to live hundreds of euros away by plane? Is it a luxury to crave to see what else there is on this planet and experience different ways of life?

If I could afford it, travelling would be my favourite pastime. You know, we have a whole trip to Scotland planned; we know where we'll be staying, and some of the places we'll see if we ever (or whenever, to be more optimistic) manage to go there.

I don't believe that money can buy happiness in a general sense, but it certainly wouldn't hurt if a few more things were free or at least much cheaper.

What do you think?


(photos: some of the best things that are indeed free and make me happy)


jabblog said...

Oh, yes, money doesn't make you happy but it helps!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I couldn't agree more. I miss my best friend Em, who lives a world away in France. I would see her often if I could and we would visit Paris and sit in sidewalk cafes and it would be so wonderful! I wish my boys could spend more time in England, see and experience more of the country their dad grew up in. I wish I could afford to travel somewhere new every year.

Lynne said...

How lovely to have that visit to Scotland planned and something to look forward to, eventually.

taio said...


Joy said...

O yes! I bought a ticket to win $9,000,000 in Tattslotto I could have spect the lot on wonderful things (I'd pay for your trip Yiota! :) )
But alas I didn't win :(

Feline said...

Make it Scotland for some Easter please, please. And yes I would love to see more of you too. Maybe next year huh ...