Saturday, 2 April 2011


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Hello and Happy April, lovely people!

How was the first day of this month?

I woke up yesterday to a sore throat, a stuffed up nose and a headache

and after a long nap after work (an oximoron, I know...) and a good night's sleep, the headache part is better but the other two are still going strong :(

Anyway, it's the weekend so I don't care much about a little cold no matter how annoying it can be when I talk. Good thing I can talk to you without actually talking!

Our plans for the weekend include taek-won-do practice and a birthday party for the little one today

and a drive to the nearest town tomorrow to pick up my dad from the bus station. Yay, we'll have company!

April is a month we've been waiting and counting the days for: we've got two weeks of school and then on the 15th we're going home for the 2-week Easter break!!! How cool is that???

Other than that, I've been crocheting and sewing like crazy all week to finish my secret project as I want to get it in the mail on Monday. I'll take some pictures when it's finished - which is probably this afternoon - but the weather is so unbelievably grey I've no idea how they'll turn out.


I'm planning to snuggle up and read a lot this weekend.

What are your plans?



Lynne said...

Despite feeling unwell, you sound so upbeat. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

snuggling up and reading sounds pretty great to me!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Birthday parties, company, and home for vacation! It sounds like April will be a really good month! I hope you're feeling better quickly so you can enjoy every minute of it :)

jabblog said...

Take it easy, keep warm, drink plenty of liquids and do whatever makes you happiest.

Joy said...

I hope you are having a lovely snuggly weekend Yiota, creating textiles and bouncing back from that cold (or hayfever?).
It is lovely Autumn weather here and I have my soft snuggly dressing gown out!

Sarah said...

Hello! Hope you are feeling a bit better. I am looking forward to the Easter break too. This weekend has involved some exploring and some Spring cleaning-going through my wardrobe yet again and trying to get rid of at least some of it so it will all fit in there!

Feline said...

I'll be a little closer to you come Easter. I am counting down too until the 15th.