Wednesday, 30 March 2011

my son's new 'toy'

Hello lovely people!

How are you all feeling today?

I hope you're all happy and cheerful like me!

My trip back home did me good, oh, so good!

I've returned revived and in a great mood.

Having my little family together was just what I needed to lift my spirits~

well, a visit to the hairdresser's for a long-overdue haircut and some highlights and some new clothes and make-up did play a teeny tiny (huge!) part in it, I have to admit!

There was a slight change of plans though, as my poor baby was ill; he had a temperature on the night before we left, which kept on till Saturday.

Poor thing, he didn't get to go anywhere but, on the bright side, he spent lots of time with daddy who was always with him (giving mummy time to spoil herself!).

Now, to this 'toy' I mention in my title.

One of the plans we'd made was to get together with his godmother's family for lunch; we had to cancel it though since they have a baby and we didn't want him to get sick, too. My boy was very disappointed when he heard we couldn't go. Why? Because there was a birthday present for him and he knew what it was: a fantastic birthday present! My friend (his godmother) did pay us a short visit when the fever 'had left the building' though and brought him.... his first 'real' camera!!!

The first photo below is one of the first he took

and of course - like a good mummy I am- I had to check his new toy to see if it's...hmmm.... safe? ;)

Happy Wednesday!



Sherry Smyth said...

Sounds like a much needed pampering for you Yiota...and I'm sorry that your son was sick...not much fun for him at all.

The new camera as a birthday gift? Oh indeed..his "toy" looks like it works perfectly -- I hope we'll see many of his artistic interpretations as he enjoys seeing life through the lens!

jabblog said...

Ooh, what a lovely gift for a 6-year-old - and it takes super photos, too:-)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

How wonderful! When we were in England this past summer, we gave Dylan our old digital camera. He took hundreds of photos, some of them really quite good!

Joy said...

What a treat of a post! And wonderful photoes!

Feline said...

That's a wonderful gift ... have fun the both of you

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Sorry to hear that your son has been unwell, but glad that you have had a
relaxing weekend. The camera sounds like a wonderful present! Your crocheting in a previous blog looks interesting and a great colour!
Lucy xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

what happy daffodils! have a great weekend!