Monday, 14 March 2011

true colours

Isn't it shocking when you see the true colours of a person,

and realise they are so different from what you thought?

And how do you handle it when you know they're a hypocrite towards someone only to take advantage of this person?


Ah, but there's a catch here!

You don't like this second person yourself (and not without a reason)

but you prefer to keep your distances instead of being nice when they're around and nothing but nice when they're not.

What do you do when the first one starts a conversation like this:

'I had enough of her last weekend, I don't want to see her again; what use is she if she can't look after the children anymore?'



Hope your week is off to a good start.

Japan, we're praying for you.


PS. The picture shows what the colours of my blanket are really like. Compare with the pictures a couple of posts below.


Sherry Smyth said...

Good question...sometimes we have to take off our rose coloured glasses in order to see the true colours...and then we behave and react as our own conscience tells us to.

By the way - the colours in this blanket are gorgeous!

marigold jam said...

Sometimes it is hard when we discover a person's true colours and it is perhaps better to give such a person a wide berth in future. We cannot like nor be liked by everyone and there are usually enough true friends out there that we don't have to keep in close contact with those we prefer not to. Unless of course they are part of the family which would make things a bit difficult!

Love the blanket and its true colours are lovely.

Lynne said...

We just have to remain true to ourselves I think. But it is disappointing when we see someone in a different light and not a good one.
Love your blanket.
Hope your husband has some favourable news.

Joy said...

To walk that line between truth and politeness! Especially when you haven't time to think.
It is so hard. Good luck.
Beautiful colours!

Maaike said...

Ha, now it looks even more like we have been creating the same blanket!
And you are right about Japan...
Love, Maaike