Thursday, 27 August 2009

Beautiful Things Make me Happy!!!

Little changes around the flat always make my day and I've been in need of a mood boost these past few days so here's some new touches.
I bought these paintings one and a half years ago - yes, that's exactly how far back - and for some reason or other they'd been hiding in the closet all this time. Until last weekend when my darling hubby decided to hang them on the wall. When I first saw them at the shop I fell in love with them. I love their theme, colours, simplicity, colour of the wood, ... everything.

Two days ago, I passed by a gift shop and spotted a counter with goods on sale. I thought I'd have a look and saw these beauties for 1 euro each. I think they are the most beautiful mugs I've ever seen!

They've got drawings of herbs on them, and I love herbs: smelling them, planting them in little pots, learning about their medicinal value and of course, using them in cooking.

They'got rosemary on one side and ...

sage on the other... (if you click to enlarge you'll realise my coffee is in one of them!)

Now, a different room: I bought this duvet cover last month from Ikea. It was on discount and I knew I'd need one in winter so why not buy it on sale? I put it away since of cource we don't use duvets when it's 30 degrees Celcius in the flat. But then yesterday I thought 'why not enjoy it now as well? I can just throw it on the bed as a bedspread.' So I did. How does it look?
Then my best friend came with an unexpected gift. Partly because it was my name-day on the 15th and partly because I may be working and living in a rented place about 500Km away from home this school year (I'll tell you more on that when I know for sure), she bought me this lovely sand-coloured set of towels. 'I wanted you to have something new with you', she said. How thoughtful of her. Oh, I love her some much!

Finally, I got this little chest of drawers for my son's room from the same shop I got the mugs. Can you spot the little defect on it?

See the nose of this pirate? The knob is missing. So what? I'll find something to stick on it so that it opens.

I love wooden toys and ornaments and the pirates match the theme I want his room to have -sea, boats, lighthouses, fish...Something along those lines.
The little stone with Nemo on it was hand-made with paper-napkinks and glue at a children's fair during our holidays.

So how do you like my new goodies?
Take care and Have Fun!


Scattering Lupines said...

GREAT finds! I love thrift and sale shopping!

I LOVE the Ikea duvet cover. So simple and pretty. And anything painted with images I am a fan of!

Fun finds. I love seeing other people's thrifty purchases! My husband makes fun of me because sometimes on trash day I drive through a few more neighborhoods than necessary. People toss some great stuff-- one time I found bookshelves that were only a little wobbly (a nail can fix it). And the other day, a lady put a lovely wrought iron bed headboard on the road for trash. But I couldn't fit it in my car and when I went back hoping to drag my husband and his truck to fetch it, it was GONE. Someone else apparently shamelessly likes trash day like I do.

Anyway, love your steals!

Anonymous said...

fun finds! i'm glad i'm not the only one with paintings hidden away for years!

Joy said...

I do love your things, but I can't decide if my favourites are the pretty elegant mugs, or the two lovely paintings. Mmm, I think I will go for the mugs, one of them has coffee in it!

andamento said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I like you posts regarding Out of Africa, I'm reading it just now and am looking forward to watching the film once I've finished especially after your favourable comments. I think I saw it many years ago but do not remember anything about it aside from the "I had a farm in Africa" part!

Clair said...

Thanks for stopping by my spot. I love the pirate chest of drawers. Very sweet! I think Oma's classes will be so fun.

Sandy Toes said...

I love those red pretty.
sandy toe

MelMel said...

Thank you for reading my blog!

I love the pictures...the bedding is lovely!
Have super weekend!x

Annie said...

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. I love your Ikea duvet cover, must look out for those. Have a wonderful weekend.
Ann x