Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Two Books and a Film

This is a board game. Right? Wrong! Well, partly anyway. It's at the back of an amazing book. The title could be something like '15 happy and crazy stories around the world'. It's a lot of fun and educational, too. The best way to learn some geography!

The illustrations are fabullous!

That's the cover of the Greek edition. I saw it about two years ago and just HAD to buy it for my son. I put it away and now that he's old enough to understand it and learn from it we started reading it. We both love it!!!
I searched and searched the net for a link in English but couldn't find anything. Sorry!
The original (French) title is ..."15 histoires pour les vacances autour du monde". This link is to the Greek publisher.

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Meanwhile, I finished reading this book. Finally! It's the first book I've finished this summer!!! Please don't judge me; it's been too hard for me to concentrate and not without a reason. You see, my mum passed away in June after being sick for two and a half years. My family, my friends, blogging and ... this book helped me to focus on the present, so I'll always cherish it.

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I watched this film last night. I saw it in the past but I was probably too young and ignorant to appreciate it. What great performances, amazing directing... but most of all, the atmosphere created but the fantastic photography and the music...ahhh, the music. I'm still enchanted!!!

Talk to you soon and thanks for your lovely comments.


marigold jam said...

Oh how sorry I was to learn of your Mum's death - it doesn't matter how old they are, how old you are or how long they have been ill it is always awful. I know as my Mum died in 2001 and I still miss her. Rest assured however that you will in time be able to think of her with less sorrow and to remember her as she was years ago and not how she was at the end. There will always be sadness of course but not the gut wrenching feeling you probably feel just now. My thoughts are with you.


Yiota said...

Thanks for your kind words Jane. They mean the world to me.

marigold jam said...

Thanks for yours to me too - have just been to my own blog to see if there were any comments. You are so right and it is necessary to go down in order to appreciate life's ups. Glad to say I feel better now - changed my viewpoint and things look better from here! How lovely to know there are so many good friends out there ready with metaphorical hugs isn't it?


Anonymous said...

i watched will smith's seven pounds last night - and it was heart breakingly good. but very depressing.

the book looks really interesting.

MyStory of HiStory said...

I remember that movie but I think I was too young to appreciate it too given your raves about or two of my daughters (hopefully two!) & I are planning to go to Africa in the spring so I think I'll watch it again ... hopefully my girls aren't too young to appreciate it :) Have you ever seen Faith Like Potatoes? Given some of the things you've been reading/watching, you might like it too.

So sorry - about your mum. May today be filled w/ sweet memories her.

Scattering Lupines said...

I have been thinking about learning French... so maybe I'll be able to buy this book afterall! English or no English!

Scattering Lupines said...

i have been listening to your link to the Out of Africa music. I want the soundtrack now!

Mug said...

I'm so sorry about your mum....Marigold Jam is right in that you will always miss her, but the gut-wrenching feeling of almost disbelief that the loved one is no longer there gradually goes away.

Your post today is wonderfully full of good stuff! Something for everyone, it seems:)...books, movies, music, English, Greek, children, adult....I think i will stop at the movie store on the way home from school today:)