Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Last night my husband was working late and little one went to bed early. "It's high time I posted a 'holiday update' on my blog", I thought. But then I ran across a film on TV. It was ' Out of Africa' which I watched ages ago and wanted to see again. So I had a relaxing evening in front of the telly thinking 'I want to mention it on my brog for my friends to see' (actually, I will do it a bit later tonight)
Then today as I was thumbing through a cook book, I came across a recipe with grapes. After a while I remembered the sweet peppers I brought from hubby's village and decided to try a recipe we'd eaten at a retaurant (well, something similar to be exact- imagination scores again!)
Lunch started to form in my mind with soup having been planned yesterday just when hubby called to say he'll be home early...'Hmmm! Family lunch!!! How nice!' As you can tell, that's very rare so precious as well. 'Why not making it more fun?' To make a long story short, I wrote the menu of the day (see picture above-click to enlarge), and with my dear boy, prepared a nice meal :

sweet peppers stuffed with cheese and herbs (before going into the oven)

(and after)

tomato and rocket salad with balsamic vinegar

griddled mushrooms (only half of them made it to the table)

chickpea soup (I soaked the chickpeas overnight)

grapes from dad's little vine with walnuts and soft unsalted cheese

and... griddled bread with olive oil and oregano

It was a happy meal and I'm grateful for moments like this. This is what a happy life is after all; a collection of happy moments; that's why I'm trying to create as many of them as I can for my family.
As you can imagine, the holiday update will have to wait some more!!!
Edit: check the comments for some details on the recipes (someone asked, I answered...)


Scattering Lupines said...

BEAUTIFUL MEAL!!!!! How about passing on some recipes?!?!?! Such as, how long and on what temp did you cook the peppers? Did you season the mushrooms? What goes in the chickpea soop. I HAVE to know! This looks TOO good....

I bet you felt like a million bucks after. It all looks so healthy.

marigold jam said...

Looks delicious. You are right life is all about the little moments and the "snapshots" you will recall for ever.


Yiota said...

Thanks ladies!
Scattering Lupines: I'm too lazy to write full recipes, plus I usually use imagination and common sense when I cook. Check my Jamieoliver blog over the weekend. You might find something in there. For now: I cooked the peppers in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees C for about 35-45 mins.(didn't actually look at the clock!) Mind you, I griddled the peppers before stuffing them with feta cheese, yellow cheese that melts, spread cheese, double cream parsley and olive oil( a bit). Mushrooms: just olive oil for the griddle, salt, lemon juice.
Chickpea soup: chickpeas and onions (boil for an hour), olive oil, tomato (melted in the blender), carrots, parsley, sweet pepper sauce (from a jar), salt, oregano...I think that's it. There you go!

Scattering Lupines said...

YAYYYY!!!!!!!! Thank you! I am going to try ALL of this!