Friday, 2 October 2009

Day Off!

It's the National Elections day this Sunday, which means primary schools are closed on Friday and Monday because they are used as voting centres. So we lucky teachers have these two days to ourselves. Yiiiipppeeeee!
Now, I'm feeling much better today, thank you very much, and enjoying my day-off. Little one went to school as usual - hubby took him- and I had the morning all to myself, pyjamas and all.
My best friend was working in the afternoon so she came over for coffee, little cheese-pies that she brought and chit-chat. (picture of muffins is irrelevant actually, just wanted something to mark the laid back beginning of the day)
Then it was major ironing expedition. Yes, true; an expedition: me against mountains of creased clothes and linens. So far, I've won a few battles but the war is not over yet.
On a different note, I've been meaning to show you this dish the whole week but didn't find the time to. It was Sunday's lunch. I made this recipe last year for a buffet gathering I organised and everyone loved it. So I knew what to cook for Sunday as soon as I saw two lovely tenderloins at the butcher's. I hadn't thought of taking pictures from the very beginning but it's easy-peasy.
Follow me...

Ask your butcher to prepare the loins so that they can be stuffed and rolled. Stuff them with feta cheese, red peppers and green peppers. Season according to taste. Roll them up, spread some butter on them and sprinkle with dried oregano and thyme (fresh would probably be better!) Chop any veggies you like -I had carrots and zucchinis, season, sprinkle with some olive oil and wrap them up in baking paper

Put the 'parcels' in a pre-heated oven for about one hour and a half.

Tear the paper up at the top, grate some yellow cheese on them and put them back in the oven till you're satisfied with the colour.
Voila! A lovely dish for an autumn Sunday with the family.

Buon appetite!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Edit * How do you like my mosaic? I used Picasa 2.

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Claudia Medeiros said...

I loved the recipe !!! Thanks for sharing :D

andamento said...

That looks delicious. Will take a note for trying soon!

MyStory of HiStory said...

That dish looks delish! & I'm so glad you enjoyed your day off...someday I want to spend the entire day in my pajamas - & not bc I'm sick...mb Strike & will do that - havea a pj day! I'll have to plan for it so I don't feel guilty :)

Joy said...

Wonderful photoes and mosaic! Such beautiful cared for ingredients! Take care!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Wow how delish hope you have many more nice days off to come :)
Lucy x

Sandy Toes said...

Looks like a beautiful meal!
sandy toe