Monday, 5 October 2009

Lovely Monday (no work today)

I'm so grateful for days like this when I don't go to school but my little treasure does and my fabulous husband goes to work. Then I have the morning all to myself.
I started the day with coffee and cake and my little to-do-list. There were errands to be done so I got down and made a plan.
First and most important and fun thing on the list: I prepared a parcel for my pen-friend's birthday- which, by the way, is on the same day as mine; how strange is that! Good thing I didn't seal the envelope as I added a couple more things from the shops before posting it.
Now, if you want me to spend a fortune, take me to a stationary/book shop. 40 euros on the treats you see in no time! But boy it felt so good! I'm into drawing lately; we'll see where that takes me.

On the way home I thought of spoiling myself some more. My purse would've screamed if it could but luckily for it the cut flowers were not that fresh so I got this little pot - much cheaper than a bouquet. Now I have two little plants, yay! (remember my
From my corner of the world to yours
Have a lovely week!


Jac said...

Hi Yiota,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Your Monday looks just perfect and starting the day with coffee and cake seems like a sensible way to ease into the week! Clever you for gettting a bargain with the pot plant also!

kendalee said...

Oh, this is a very lovely way to start a week! And I too especially enjoy a day that starts with cake and includes a trip to a stationery shop :) I hope the rest of your week is as good as this day...

Happy@Home said...

What a perfect way to begin your week ~ a day off, coffee and cake. How nice. Your mosaics are all so pretty. Your pen friend is going to be very happy to receive your package.

Joy said...

I share your love for stationery! It goes back to being a child for me, and those beautiful new books and pencils etc at the start of the year!

Scattering Lupines said...

LOVELY! I appreciate the delicate, positive way your worded the opening sentence. One of the many reasons I enjoy your blog!

Neat what you did with the photos!

Christina said...

i feel like i am walking through and enchanted forest here. and you know what? i am walking slowly, no hurrying for me. i love the beauty here. i adore stationary, pens, stamps. : )

Sandy Toes said...

What a wonderful way to start the week...I love a quiet Monday morning.
sandy toe

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

hey I'm also in the drawing scene at the moment doing my art GCSE i'm doing a project on an artist called GINA MIKEL i will so have some pictures once i hand it in because i secretly don't want anyone to steel my ideas... muhahaha :)
i also love spending money in artsy shops and book stores i cant wait till i have a job :)
have a nice week
Lucy x

rockinloubylou said...

thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am fairly new to this so all encouraging comments are extremely welcome! your own blog is beautiful. It is so nice to see a blog that is good to read and to look at. I have signed up as a follower now and look forward to reading more about your daily life. I especially love the RLS poem. Big RLS fan.

B said...

What a lovely day! Sometimes, you need those quiet days on your own...