Friday, 25 June 2010

a visit to an art museum

A couple of weeks ago,
for a children's event.
I thought I should post a link here in case someone's interested.


My mosaic shows postcards from paintings exhibited at the museum over the years. I bought postcards of five paintings two from each. Some of them are scattered around my place, and some around the world
(via snail mail)


The photo below shows a team project (a collage) made by a group of 5-year-old kids who attended a workshop.

"Our Solar System"

It's huge and really impressive. I took the photo with my mobile and it doesn't do it any justice really!


And here's the result after I played a little with crayons.

I've been painting/colouring a lot these past few days, spending time with my son.


Take Care!



kamana said...

i would love to learn to paint. always have.

Joy said...

Well done! I think I like your colours better than the original! (Shhh!)

jabblog said...

Beautiful post! The collage is delightful - how lovely for the children involved to have it displayed publicly.

Cassie said...

One of my favourite activities that I used to do when I taught a Reception class was on a Friday afternoon when they could choose what they wanted to do and I would more often than not sit down and colour or paint or craft with them. Children are so inspiring.

Relyn said...

I absolutely adore the art on the far right of the mosaic you made. Can you tell me about it? Who is the artist? What's the name of the painting?