Wednesday, 23 June 2010

harmony and tranquillity in shades of blue and purple

(first of all, please excuse the poor quality of the photos; my camera is in Austria with hubby and I'm using my mobile)


As I was folding the laundry today, I noticed a harmony in the colours.
This made me feel peaceful for some reason.
I got my mobile and 'click', captured the moment.

Later, when little one invited me to his 'fortress', I saw the same colours. "How serene!", I thought. 'Click'

Just as the sun was setting, I looked out the window. There it was; the same colour scheme. 'Click'

"Is there some kind of a hidden message here?", I wondered.

"Ok, then! I'll play along. Let's read this book tonight!" "Click'

After putting little one to bed, I went to my bedroom....where...

a magazine with a purple-ish cover lay on my blue bedspread!
I didn't expect that! 'Click'

Then I remembered what was under the bedspread! 'Click'

I couldn't wait till tomorrow to share the broad smile on my face.
I had to show you now.
So now that I have, I'm going to have a shower, put my pjs on and go to bed happy and peaceful.
I only wish I had my camera today.
Take Care!


marigold jam said...

Camera or not that is an intriguing post Yiotta and like you I find those colours really restful. Love little one's bunny - he's so cute. Have a peaceful evening and sleep well in your pink/blue/mauve mood.

Jane x

country girl said...

Don't you just love it when the Universe amuses us with these little coincidences? :)
Thank you for the mail love! I have alread written back...just have to get the envelope into the post box.


Georgianna said...

Lovely to notice these details and recognize the pattern emerging. It's great to be so in tune with your surroundings – that's where magic can be found. Thank you for your visit! – g

jabblog said...

Very calming colour combination - I love such partnerships, the more so when they're unexpected, not contrived. Lovely :-)

Sarah said...

I love these colours-so cooling in the summer heat! Funny how themes occur in the day sometimes!

Happy@Home said...

How interesting that you were noticing that pretty color scheme in so many different places. They are such soothing colors and you captured them perfectly.

Anonymous said...

very soothing colours.

Joy said...

Today in wintry Melbourne the colours are quite similar!

Tracy said...

Oh, such lovely vignettes, Yiota! I love soft, place, serene colors--white, pink. blue, soft lilac, cream...gentle colors, restful atmospheres... You have created a sweet space to dwell in. Thank you for sharing it with us. :o) Happy Weekend to you all ((HUGS))

Cassie said...

I often find I have days like that when I don't have my camera!

Your home is obviously full or peace and harmony, calm and relaxation. I love all your pictures and the colour theme Yiota.

Relyn said...

Oh, you've made me want to curl up with a magazine and drift of happily into a nap.