Sunday, 26 September 2010


In my book, a vase or better yet a jar of freshly-cut flowers makes all the difference in the world (well, in the home at least)

The yards in this village are full of dahlias!
I was admiring a garden opposite the school as I got out of the car
(nearly bumped into a parked car to be exact) when I saw her; the lady who cleans our school is the proud owner of these dahlias.
I told her how much I love flowers and ... ta-dah...
she brought me this bunch over the break!
I swear, if I hadn't been at school, I would have started dancing around them!
(but I thought it was too soon for my colleagues to discover how nuts I am)

When I brought them home, I felt this intense urge to let my mum know I had dahlias at home; for a brief moment, I almost picked up the phone.
She loved them and when I was a teenager we had lots of them at home.
Do you know what silly me told her? That I didn't really like them; they didn't smell nice. I wish I could take that back - among other things...

It's Sunday evening and I'm about to turn in;
as I'm trying to think of what I'm grateful for today,
these flowers definitely make it to my top three -
the other two would be a healthy meal
and the sound of the wind rustling through the cherry tree leaves.
It hasn't been an easy weekend.
My husband couldn't come
and little one was really restless and alarmingly disobedient;
probably because we didn't go out almost all weekend -
I had to keep aphony and he had a cough I didn't like the sound of so I didn't want him to run around. Yes! It's this time of year, when the inhaler gets out of the cupboard.
I'm slowly getting my voice back; I'll have to be careful this week, though.
Hope you all have a great week.


marigold jam said...

Oh how I understand that feeling of rushing to tell your mother something. I never really goes away but it does get easier. Those flowers are so beautiful I am glad they brightened your day. Hope your week will be better and that the sore throat will go away. Little one is sure to have times when he is naughty - it's all new to him too of course but when you feel better yourself you will find it easier to cope with. Have a good week.


Claudia Medeiros said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous flowers with us, dear friend :)

Sending love and blessings for you and little one in your cozy nest =)

Have a great week!


Relyn said...

Oh, such gorgeous images, my friend. Gorgeous! I am so excited that you are joining our swap. What fun we'll have. Thank you for your support and friendship. Have a happy week, my friend.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

The flowers are lovely! I'm sure the woman who grew them is so proud that you admired them in her garden.

I hope you are feeling better soon, and that this week brings more happiness and beauty!

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

The Dahlias are so beautiful and a lovely colour, I hope your throat improves steadily and that you have a very nice week.
Lucy xxxxx

jabblog said...

Beautiful dahlias - what gorgeous colours. I hope this week is better for you and little one.

Feline said...

Tell her ... you may not need a phone though. She's listening.