Monday, 20 September 2010

in the attic

hello, hello and come in my new home!
how are you all?
I've missed talking to you and I'm so glad to be back here.
Little one and I have now settled in and daddy was here the first four days
and he came again for the weekend.
Our new home is the top floor of a two-storey house with a garden.
The kitchen and bedroom ceilings are slanted, which makes the place warm and cosy, and there's a sitting- room with plenty of space for little one to play in. We're both happy with our new home but we miss our 'real' home, especially when daddy is not here.

Sooooo, how do you turn a house into a home?

~ you put some flowers in a jar (courtesy of an unknown farmer who accidentally threw some seeds on the roadside by his field of sunflowers)

~ you put a couple of 'homey' books on the coffee table

~ you do some baking (isn't the cake bunting gorgeous? I got it from lovely Dawn's etsy shop ; the photo doesn't do it justice really - go see it at the shop)

~ you put together a tiny nature table
This cherry tree is in our garden; what you see is my balcony

That's it for now!
Hope you're all well.
I'll be over your places soon.
Take Care!


Claudia Medeiros said...

What a lovely nest for mommy and little one =)

I wish you blessed and so inspiring days :)


marigold jam said...

Looks lovely and a home is what you make it and you have obviously made this one yours at least for the time being. I was thinking of you this morning as I admired my pretty towel hanging on the rail! Enjoy your new life and keep busy then the times that Daddy isn't there will pass quickly.



jabblog said...

It looks very cosy and inviting - you have a knack for turning a house into a home:-)

MyStory of HiStory said...

Welcome to your home away from home, Yiota. It sounds lovely & I can almost smell that freshly baked cake from here :)

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

You have made your home look so welcoming, cosy and bright! I am very pleased that you are settling in well and that it is such a lovely place!
Take care and best wishes!
Lucy xxxxx

Erin said...

Cake bunting? I love it!

Your house looks like a home already...

Indie.Tea said...

What lovely and sweet and homeish things to do. Especially the flowers...I always feel like something is missing when I dont have have flowers in the house.

Jill said...

It's nice to hear that you're making a cosy nest for you and your little one. I don't envy you living away from your 'real' home and your husband.

Jill x

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Ah, there's nothing like baking to make a house feel more like "home".
Best wishes for you in your new place!

Happy@Home said...

Your new place looks and sounds very cozy. You've done a great job in adding just the right touches to make it "home". That cake looks delicious.

Iphigenia said...

You have the right ingredients to make your new home cosy and YOURS. Wishing you all the best!!! :)

Kiki La Ru said...

Your home is so cozy, and I would love to stop by and have tea and stir cake with you and just talk about life and God and laugh.

Tracy said...

Welcome home, your new home that is! You've been making it ever so cozy a place... love all your pretty decorating. And love you new looks here at the blog too--lovely banner. Wishing you all many, many happy years in your new home! :o)

Yiota said...

Oh, Tracy! This is only a temporary place for a school year only - hopefully! My HOME is still the one in the city, where hubby still lives and works.
Thanks for stopping by!

Sarah said...

Glad you are settling in ok Yiota. Your new place sounds really cosy! Hope your cold goes soon.

Jessica said...

I absolutely adore glimpses into other people's homes and cosy spaces! They're my favorite kind of blog posts. This little visit into yours was a delight. What a cheerful home you have. It has all the making of a cosy home {in my book}; bright flowers, pretty pillows, inviting stacks of books, and some baked delicious-ness.

P.S.I'm in love with the cake bunting. I must have one of my own ;)

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I have that SAME Ikea pillow! Great minds think alike :)

Glad to see you are settling into your new home, as much as to be expected when one very vital piece is missing. Thinking of y'all as you go through this transitional stage.