Wednesday, 29 September 2010

three friends

sun: hey there! how about some fun?
river: yay! I'm in!
trees: super! what do you have in mind?
sun: hide-and-seek; I'll hide over there in the west and you'll try and find me.
river: ok! but don't go too far!
trees: yes; it'll be bedtime for you soon and we won't have much time to play.
sun: deal!


Jill said...

What beautiful photos x

marigold jam said...

Lovely post!

Jane x

Sarah said...

Lovely tale of these three friends. I hope your throat is better now! Love the dahlias!

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS photos, Yiota... dazzling... :o) We're just back from a little impromptu trip, so catching our breath, doing laundry & all sorts, and checking in with friends.((HUGS))