Friday, 26 November 2010


~if you've been reading my musings for a while, you know it's my favourite day of the week
~my working week finishes at exactly 1.15 on friday afternoon; there's plenty of me-time till i take little one from school at 3.45
~ me- time usually means 'enjoy your little space in the universe';
' make this space really yours', 'inhabit it'
~ but fridays are not only about me; they're about us as well
~ today's me-time was devoted to cleaning the flat so i won't have to do it over the weekend; you see, hubby's on his way ; and we're expecting lots of rain over the weekend
~i'm thinking of inhabiting this place
~ i'm thinking of putting a little Christmas tree up with our handmade ornaments
(too early for us in the season, but this is the last weekend we'll be together till Christmas)
~ i'm thinking of father-son play while i read my book (a great historical novel about the civil war here); i want to finish reading it soon, as i need to start reading 'winter solstice' like i do every year - this will definitely warm things up for me
~i'm thinking of cuddles under my crochet blanket (we actually do that with whatever i've made so far, while i continue crocheting!)
~i'm thinking of sewing our advent calendar
{{{ does that sound like a good plan for a cosy weekend at home? }}}
we took these pictures a little earlier today; little one is the artist behind the last two
stop by the little list for more {inhabit} posts


The Little List said...

What cozy images of home, Yiota. Sounds like the makings of a restful weekend. I've never read Winter Solstice. I'll have to check my library. Thank you so much for participating in {inhabit}. Enjoy the weekend!

Jill said...

How wonderfully cosy those pictures look :0)

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Jill x

marigold jam said...

Lovely homely photos. We need to take a little me time each day I think especially those of us who have work and small children to take into account. Have a lovely weekend with your husband - Christmas isn't so far off now for the next visit the time will fly by.


ella@lifeologia said...

I found you through the 'inhabit' post ;)
I love these photos and that blanket is just beautiful

By the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog that I think you will like:

Lisa said...

Yes, I think this post qualifies! Everything is so cozy-looking. Your remark about using the blanket while you're still working on it reminded me of when I crocheted afghans years ago. I did the same thing!

Sofia's Ideas said...

So cozy... I love the quilt! I'm stopping by from The Little List's {inhabit}. I hope you'll do the same! You can find me @

Sofia's Ideas

Connie said...

It looks really cozy, just what I want to do, cuddle up under a warm blanket with a cup of coffee. Just got home to the cold winter snow, but I found your parcel in the mailbox and I love it. What a great idea making salt dough ornaments, I said to my husband in a few years I will be making that with our son:)
And I love the card, it's so beautiful, I wish I were more creative, I had to have my mum make my christmas cards:) Enjoy the holiday season:)

Cassie said...

'Snuggling' is the perfect weekend activity!

Do tell, what are you sewing for your advent?

Yiota said...

Cassie: you'll see in a couple of days :)

Whitney @ Nesting Season said...

I, too, think this post is a perfect fit for {inhabit}! I want to curl up in that scene. I also spend a good deal of my "me time" cleaning--it's not my ideal use of numbered minutes, but the end result is restorative and allows us to seize without reservation wonderful opportunities as they arise. It is harder for me to live fully in chaos.