Friday, 12 November 2010

on the road

hello there!
how are you all doing?
hope your weekend is off to a good start!
i'm typing this at my desk back home (in the city, that is).
i seem to be on the road a lot lately;
packing suitcases has never been something i enjoy, but starting from the beginning of the month when my dad and my hubby left the village after their visit, that's all i seem to be doing.
this is the second (long) weekend in a row that i've come here to vote;
in between i went back to my new home for three days to work (hubby came along) and i'll be going back there on monday - for good this time.
phew!!! are you still here?
and as if all this travelling wasn't enough, we visited my in-laws last sunday
and i'm going to my (dad's) village tomorrow for a short memorial service at my mum's grave.

if you haven't been reading this blog for a while, you're probably lost in all the different places.

but bear with me, there's a reason for these rumblings.

the thing is, as i was telling my dearest friend earlier, that this doesn't feel much like home. there are all these people we need to see and shopping to be done and errands to be run, so that i can't do all the 'homey' things i usually do at the weekends; plus, most of my personal belongings are not here. hubby usually works late to make up for the work he can't do on the computer when he's away and i really, desperately need to stay at home.

i don't want to check my schedule to see if i can squeeze in some saturday afternoon baking; i just want to take my apron out the drawer and get lost somewhere between the flour and the sugar.

my next visit here will be for the christmas holidays;

until then, hubby will be doing all the travelling - not very often though, due to work commitments.

on a more optimistic note,
there are a lot of pleasant things on my to-do list when i'm back at my basis:
catching up with e-mails, making presents, sending mail- lots of it (love it!), sewing, crocheting, making christmas crafts with little one...
and books, books, books...
these will keep me busy for quite a while
i took these photos yesterday:
~ hubby was sweet enough to stop on our way home so that i could capture this divine sky
~need i really say anything about the second picture?
~ these two fellows posed for me not once but twice yesterday
as for the interviews, you'll be hearing from me soon; i think i've got this figured out.
have a great weekend everyone!
take care!


Sarah said...

Wow you sound as if you are living in a whirlwind! It must be hard for you at the moment with all the upheaval. I hope it calms down soon! Have a lovely weekend!

marigold jam said...

Sounds so complicated for you - do hope things settle soon.

Lovely photos.


Joy said...

Take care Yiota! I hope you find some lovely ways to feel at home again and that you can be kind to yourself with all that travelling. Lovely lovely photoes!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I hope you get some time in the kitchen soon, to bake up some homemade goodness!

Be cheerful - The Christmas holidays will be here soon :)

Cassie said...

There is nothing like a period of unsettled routine and/or travelling to upset the balance is there. You do have some lovely things lined up on the the to-do list by the sounds of things Yiota so I hope you feel a little more 'in-balance' soon.

andamento said...

Lovely sky, pretty birds, what are they?

Hope thing settle down a little for you soon, when do you finish for Christmas?

Yiota said...

andamento: I don't know how the birds are called in English I'm afraid; sorry
Schools close on the 23rd of December for two weeks