Thursday, 23 July 2009

A good day

Today I realised that if I want to keep my sanity I need to accept the fact that I can't have everything done exactly the way I want to: I can't have a spotless flat, spend time with my 4-year-old son, keep my hubby happy, go to my village to keep my dad company and do some housework for him and, last but definitely not least, find time for myself.
So I decided to set my priorities and of course the first one is my little one. I feel really well now; much less stressed.
Here's how we spent our evening:

we made food, mainly ice cream, with "play -dough"

we did his favourite 'Lightning McQueen' puzzles

we played with water

and read a good book before he went to bed

P.S. My apologies for the quality of the pictures. Unfortunately, I don't see buying a new camera any time soon.


country girl said...

I'm glad you realized that you are only one person and cannot be in four places at once! I love your blog, it's so pretty. Promise me that you will only write when it is fun for you, and when you have time.
xo Dawn

Yiota said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I promise to do that, as it's supposed to be relaxing and not another obligation.


Mug said...

Beautiful blog! And, fret not, your pictures are great!
I notice one of your favorite movies is You've Got Mail........SUCH a good movie!

Yiota said...

Hey Mug! Thanks for stopping by! I'm still new to this and exploring.