Friday, 31 July 2009

Oh, Boy!

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This summer of all summers, well the 5 ones he's lived anyway, my son has decided to make my life hell. Maybe I'm exaggerating but it's probably because I'm sooo tired. So instead of arguing all the time I had to act quick. 'If I keep him busy, he won't be bored so he won't be so disobedient. '
I tried to get him do some drawing but he doesn't seem to like it so I gave him a reason: 'let's draw our shopping list.' Don't be fooled, that's my work you see mostly.
'Let's play with your legos'. That was the following day and I have to say it worked.
Yesterday we went to the supermarket and I saw this glue for fabrics. 'Great idea. He loves crafts.' So today I got some old clothes, cut them in pieces, set the table and asked for ideas. He had many I have to admit but the only thing he wanted to do was cut the fabrics in little pieces and finish off the glue on a piece of paper. Only when he saw the puppet I've made, did he want to help me make another one.
And I'm left here wondering: 'where did my lovely boy go, the one who loved creating things and could spend hours amusing himself?' I think I actually have an answer to that: he's somewhere in a village riding his bike with the other kids aaaaaall day long. I 'll let him enjoy his 'loose' summer, hoping he'll be more involved in creative activities in winter. Pray that I'll be sane by then!!!!

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country girl said...

Oh no, I wish he wasn't giving you a hard time! You are so creative though, look at all the projects you came up with. I like that little flip-book! What a neat idea.
Hope you are feeling saner and more rested soon...

Yiota said...

Thanks dear!

Mug said...

Keeping him busy is one option, but it can also make him dependent on you finding things for him to do.....Exercise is great, too...makes him appreciate and want to have quiet creative time.....Good for you for trying various options! One thing I did to help keep me sane was to have enforced Nap or Quiet time every afternoon...Everyone had to go to thier rooms and STAY for 1 hour. When we first started this, my daughter was very young, so she napped, but my son was allowed to look at books, color, work puzzles, play with legos.....anything quiet that he could do IN HIS ROOM. And I, also, would quietly read, sew, or nap (of course, quietly looking in on them every now and then until they (esp. my son) got into the "habit" of this. I started this to keep MY sanity, but it ended up working to the children's benefit....They learned how to entertain themselves....they lerarned how to NOT be bored!:)

My children are grown now, but you have brought back memories of those wonderful &, yes, sometimes NOT so wonderful days!

P.S. The heat and you being tired probably also makes everything seem worse. This, too, shall pass...:)
.....Sorry so long-winded in my comment...

Yiota said...

Mug, thanks so much for helping out. My son used to sleep for two full hours every afternoon but he seems to have outgrown this routine. Quiet time is a great idea. I ask him to stay in his room but I don't usually go gto mine - I guess I should so that he takes it seriously. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

wow! what creativity!

thanks for all your lovely comments at my blog. keep them coming! ;)

Brenda said...

I have a five year old grandson in another state. My daughter just about pulls her hair out. She also has a baby daughter now. So she's bogged down in diapers and bored little boys. She is a realtor, and often has to take them along to meetings, where she says she holds her breath that Riley won't say things like: "Is that person sitting there a man or a woman?" I had girls, but from watching my grandson, everything is about hitting things, cutting things, throwing things, etc. Must just be the male in them!