Thursday, 29 July 2010

just before I went to bed last night...

... I left these things on the coffee table,
and by doing this simple act,
I felt happy and content.
It's something I've done almost every evening lately (when I'm at home)
as hubby has been working late all month.
I seem to find comfort and cosiness in simple routines like this.
Another book always waits for me on my bedside table; this time a novel - always.
How about you?
What are your comfort routines or rituals?


Sarah said...

Ooh now you have made me think Yiota! While I am thinking I will say thanks for the haircut comment!
I think one of my comfort routines is having a bath soonish after I get home from work, then putting on cosy pajamas to enjoy the evening. I don't think about it but I almost always do it, and when I can't, say if someone is staying, I miss it! What is that book like? It looks like a good one!

katrina lauren said...

er um...routines are hard to think of because we are so accustomed to doing them...but i would say that i love to bath...and don't really feel ready for bed unless i have a bubble bath. i like to flip through a magazine....though i never finish them before i have to go to sleep...oh and i start at the back first!

Tracy said...

This was a sweet post, Yiota! I can very much relate. Being a creature of habit, I thrive on little rituals all day, and especially comfort one. Tea always first thing in the morning as I skim the newspapers. I like showers in the evening--very calming before bedtime. And like you, I leave a little leftover to read the next day/evening. I knit mostly in the evening too--more comforting, I think. What novel are you reading now? Happy Weekend :o) ((HUGS)) Oh, I'm having some giveaway fun... stop by if you get a chance...

Tabiboo said...

....a tidy front room when the kids have gone to bed - I couldn't care less about the rest of the house as long as the front room is straight and the cushions are fluffed!

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina xx

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Hello Yiota, I like my room to have lots of crafty things in it and when things get hectic I enjoy looking at my beads. Quite often I will settle down at night looking at my poetry books (from when I was quite young!)
Lucy xxxxx

suzyQ said...

This is so cute! What a simple act that can be so special.

Feline said...

I leave books too and boxes of tea and a mug where I can. And when I get home, it's the best thing to open the door and see Meera's funny face. She's always so very delighted to see me. I can't imagine coming home and not seeing her.