Wednesday, 28 July 2010

on the map

see the green little car?
this is where we live.
now, how about the red one?
this is where I'll be working and living during the next school year.
little one and I will be around 450 km away from daddy.
I managed to get a temporary position in my area the past two school years
but now I need to go work where I was originally appointed;
I hope it's only for one school year.
we need to find a place to rent when I find out the exact location of work;
that's in a month or so.
I don't mind the change of scenery at all
(you may know this if you've read my previous post);
I only wish hubby could come along.
fingers crossed for regular, long visits.
I also hope I'll have access to the internet!
meanwhile, I'm trying to pile up some books in case there is no public library.
take care!
PS. thank you all for the supportive comments on my last post; it will be a life-long situation I'm afraid, that sometimes gets to me more than others - it depends on how well I manage to keep my distance.


marigold jam said...

That looks like quite a distance! No doubt it will be hard for you to be so far away from your husband but it will be a new challenge for you and your son and maybe some distance is no bad thing since I gather you are not always happy where you are (or maybe I have got that bit wrong?) Anyway Good Luck and hope that there will be internet access so that you can at least pop in on us now and then. Hope to hear from you before you leave though.

Jane x

Anonymous said...

it will be hard being away. but with modern technology, communication should not be a problem, i should think. then again, a hug is not quite the same unless you can actually feel the arms around you, is it? all the best with the move.

Jill said...

Oh my - that looks some distance to be apart from your husband.

I wish you all the best with this new chapter in your families life.

Sarah said...

That is a long way away! I hope you can get lots of visits too. Good luck with finding somewhere to live too!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Wow! Sounds like some big changes are in store for you at your end. I hope it all works out for the best.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I hope you are busy enough during this time that the distance will not be so bothersome, and that your husband will be able to visit often. Perhaps you will also be busy exploring your new surroundings and the time will pass quickly.

Best wishes! Hoping all goes well for you.

Joy said...

I hope it will be a good place and you can all make the most of it. Fingers crossed!

Claudia Medeiros said...

Changes are always good and you will have your little one by your side :)

Best wishes and success in your new journey !


jabblog said...

My, that's a long way but modern communications make life much more bearable these days. Well done and good luck :-)