Wednesday, 1 June 2011


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~~ you might be wondering
why i've been so quiet lately ~~

~ it's because i've nothing to say:
~ i don't read much
~ i don't go out on walks much
~ i don't crochet
~ i don't sew
~ i don't feel like talking
~ i've been thinking a lot
~ i'm very disappointed because of some issues i'm dealing with at work
~ i'm missing my husband so very much
~ i just want to go home

~~  of course, not everything is bad ~~
~  i'm very happy with the closeness my son and i share
~ my dad's here to keep us company
~ we're all -physically- healthy
~it's twenty more days before we go home

~~ hope you all have a wonderful month ~~


marigold jam said...

It must be difficult for you to be separated from your husband and if you also have work problems too well it's not so surprising that you feel a dose of the glums hanging over you. Twenty days is not long and the special times you are sharing with your son will be precious to you both I am sure. Do you have any friends where you are at the moment - id so there is nothing like a cup of tea and a chat with a good friend to make you feel better. If you haven't had time to make any close friendships can you use the phone and have a chat with a friend? Failing all that there is always e-mail and you have at least one friend here who understands just how you are feeling and would be prepared to "listen" if it would help?

Let's make June a wonderful month so that you go home full of happiness!

Virtual hug

Jane x

Sherry Smyth said...

Sometimes being quiet is the only thing to do Yiota. When it seems like you are overwhelmed with disappointment, sadness and yearning, it's easy to lose interest in the things that we do from day to day. Sometimes all we can do is live each day and be silent within ourselves. Thinking of you ♥

Joy said...

Hi Yiota,
My latest post is for you:

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

We can understand how you feel right now, wanting to be home when committments keep you away. It may seem like a long time, but that day will be here before you know it! Enjoy the times you are with your son, or with the students. And we are here for you, too :)

Wishing you a happy day today!

Lisa said...

Yes, twenty days is a short time! It'll pass before you know it. And sometimes the choice to have a blog can be a burden, if you just haven't been able to do anything you can share. It's okay! (if I didn't have cats, I'd hardly have anything to blog about half the time)

Feline said...

I understand how you're feeling. I've got three months until I see Edgar again and then it will only be for a month. I try to fill the days in between with the things that make me happiest. But I miss him so very much too.

Tracy said...

Hi, Yiota! We've been traveling, so I've been away too--only back just now. Happy to be here visiting you. But so sorry you've been having some tough days lately. Hoping very much work will be better for you. Your husband will be back home to you soon. Trust that the days will flow... enjoy them, for our days are precious ones. Sending you an uplifting smile and ((BIG HUG)) :o)